Day 6 - 15 of My 22 Bizarre Wishes for my 22nd Birthday :D

And because I was pretty busy with my work and such these past few days I forgot to blog.

I will just make it quick and simple, since my birthday is already fast approaching and I cannot blog this weekend.

Day 6: A New Laptop!

Since my netbook died out in the midst of my feasib-making a year ago [make that a year and a month], I have been jumping from one pc to another. During those crucial moments I was using Otousan's PC from his workplace: an old Pentium 4-Windows XP pc. It might be ok but the processor's too slow for me 'coz I do multi-tasking jobs there, like researching while typing while listening to music while tweeting while fb-ing!

Dream Laptop would SHOULD have:
> minimum of 500gb hard drive
> an optical drive [to burn my pics/vids]
> at least 5mp webcam [merun ba nito?]
> fast processor; min. might be pentium i5 or so
> sleek design [pwede ding hindi]

Day 7: Makapasok sa Top 10 Entries ng The Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar 

But this wish has been come true already, one last Monday and the other one was this morning. But i really do wish I'll be a frequent toplister. Just for fun!

And so, I change my wish into: Have more wit in able to conquer Chico and Delamar's Top 10 Entries hehe :D

Day 8: SNSD Merchandise

I have been a fan of this great South Korean girl group but until now I still don't have a tangible proof that I am such. All I did was to watch their perfs, DL their songs [thou I don't distribute them elsewhere], support them at the back, pray for their safety, etc. etc.

This year I want to start collecting them. I have sooo much more to collect, given proper time and resources.

Day 9: BoA Merchandise

Same reason with the previous wish. Been a fan since 2004 or earlier but till now all I have are DLed songs. No CDs, DVDs whatsoever. I really would like to have her albums from 2001 up to the current. :D

Day 10: Arashi Merchandise

Same reason as of 2 previous wishes. hehehe :D

Day 11: Getting in shape and in right body

I really missed dancing. I just hope after the board exams I could get back to it, thus having a healthy lifestyle. hehe :D

Day 12: Gino Quillamor's Sexy Voice birthday greet

Who wouldn't wish for a greeting from your crush, especially if it'll be heard all over the world? Even just a simple 'happy birthday' will do, as long as it'll be in his sexy voice. #alamna XD

Day 13: Whole-day greeting at RX 93.1FM

I just hope every program someone will greet me there, every just a snipet of it or two. It'll be very much appreciated.

Day 14: A Top Ten entry that's somehow I am related to, or a Top Ten entry that I submitted

I will lose nothing if I wished for this, right? :D

Day 15: Costume Sets for Cosplaying

I really wanted to try cosplaying since gradeschool but my mom doesn't allow me due to financial constraints. Now that I am big enough to pursue it I am trying my best to come up with a nice costume set. But of course, some are needed to be sewn by professionals.

I really hope I'll start cosplaying in events this year. :D