Day 16 - 22 of My 22 Bizarre Wishes for my 22nd Birthday :D

I am now running against time. I want to finish this blog series before the clock hits the 12-midnight thou my birth time is still at 4.45 am tomorrow.

To wrap up my 22 wishes, here are my 16th - 22nd wishes. Enjoy! :)

Day 16: A Lunar [or Solar] Eclipse on my birthday [or night]

Since this year it's full moon on my birthday [to which I keep on wishing since 2007], I will ask for an eclipse for the next years to come. Even more if it's a lunar perigee moon and an eclipse at the same time. That would be great!

Day 17: Rain showers on my Birthday

I firmly believe that when it rains on your special day, be it a wedding, or a birthday, it will bring you blessings. Thou my birthday lands on a winter season, I haven't experience snow fall due to being in a tropical country. So the only probable weather condition to wish for is to rain on my birthday.

But if I get to travel on cold countries, I wish for a snowfall, not a blizzard. :D

Day 18: Kol Senner Guy's verday grit [birthday greet]

He's one of the thousand persona of Rico Lacbao aka Chico Garcia aka ChiChi of RX 93.1's The Morning Rush show with Chico, Delamar, and Gino. I just want to have a hilariously great greeting from ze Kol Senner Guy who came from Uhhhmercan. I'm sure he's on the job tomorrow, 'coz "choosedays are mandays" to Kol Senner Peeple. :D

Day 19: TMR Epic rap-off that will make singit of my name as a greeting

Well, nothing's impossible if I wish for this one right? I just want some line that will interpret that they're greeting me, or some sort. hehe. :D

Day 20: Money. Lots and lots of money.

I NEED MONEY! That's for sure. hahaha XD

Day 21: To tour Asian countries

Minimum for the year to come: at least 3 Asian territories. We'll be conquering 1 on Oct. - Nov. [we're not yet sure with Macau but most definite for HK]. I want to go to Japan on winter {around Jan. - Feb. next year] or any Southeast Asian country.

ennnnn da tafff.... LOL XD

Day 22: To be finally find the purpose in life

I know what I want but I cannot do it that much. I have something that I really don't like, that I am capable of doing it but I don't see myself benefiting from it till years to come. I know that I am at the point where I am standing in a crossroad, that any moment I might go into a wrong direction.

That's why as early as now I want to make myself clear. I know that I am a type of person who wants to have everything, who wants to try anything that comes along way, but I know that I cannot, with the current me, do them all at the same time.

I hope that I will really find my purpose in life, seek all the answers for questions on my mind.