Para Sa Iyo Kuya

Ang pag-ibig ganyan lang ba para sa 'yo
Napakadaling bitawan, binato sa malayo
Anung pagkakamaling ginawa ng tao
Upang saktan mo nang sobra, nang ganito

Naisip mo ba ang iyong supling
Ayaw mo na ba sa kanyang piling
O ang iyong inirog
Na iyong sinaktan sa me ilog

Di ka na bata para pagsabihan
Pero sa iyong asal daig ma ang me karamdaman
Akala ko ika'y nagbago
Yun pala di na natuto

Ang tanging mensahe ko
sa isip mong kaygulo
Wag idaan sa sigaw ang usapan
Nang di malabo ang kahihinatnan


A Rusher's Journey

Just wanna share this cool video log made by Amherst_Ureiqn who traveled a long way last Saturday just to have his TMR book signed by Chico and Delamar respectively.

The video's so touching. Tears almost fell down to my cheeks. There's this saying in Filipino "Malayo man ang lakbayin, makakarating pa rin sa paroroonan". Kudos to your video!

MIT on The NY Times Mag

Shoud I be happy for it? Maybe, maybe not!

Maybe, because it is where I graduated College from. In general, I am a Mapuan.

Maybe not, because the one mentioned in the article was not my course, nor my department. It mentioned those courses from the Intramuros campus which was way, way, way ahead from us in Makati campus.

But since I graduated from this intitution might as well appreciate what others are saying about Mapua.


Farewell Forever, My Dear Dog

This day would have been an usual day for me, if not for the sudden demise of the dog I took care of in my early years of teenage life.

close your eyes. sleep forever. 
My mom woke me up with a sad news: Doydoy the Llasa Apso dog, died in the wee hours of the night. I didn't believe it at first but then, I suddenly heard their conversation downstairs thus, making my tears all piled up in my eyes.

I was just about to get up and start listening to The Morning Rush when all of these happened. My mood changed, don't wanna listen to anything plugged in my ears, don't wanna talk anything norma at all. My head was full of thoughts of Doydoy, how he died, if it was painful, and such.

I couldn't believe also the fact that I was just with him last Sunday and Monday, attending him and his parasites in the body. I even went to the pet clinic to buy the meds he needed to recuperate from them. I didn't anticipate that he might not make it nor he might leave me any moment.

Thou I am sad abut his demise, I am also at peace with his condition. I won't be troubled again about his health. I know that he's in a place where dogs and cats are at peace. I will be appeased to that.

I will surely miss the cam-whore dog that you were.
I will miss you forever Doydoy. You have left me marks, in my heart and yes in my body also, that will be irreplaceable by any pets. I pray that you will still guard us from any deities and such.

I will miss you and your noisy bark, howl, err noises, everything! I will miss you running for us whenever we tried leaving the house. I will miss your puppy and cute eyes, your small yet good-built body. I will miss bathing you and you will then shake your body [even with soaps and shampoos on] to me. I will miss rubbing and combing your beautiful tri-color fur.

Thank you for the almost 10 years that you spent with us. I will long you for the other years to come.

I love you Doydoy. Always remember that, I really do love you. :((

Doydoy's last pic
Farewell Doydoy


Francine Prieto on The Morning Rush

Another celebrity has stepped into the crazy world of rushers, and mind you, she's way way crazier that what we perceived her.

This morning we had an opportunity to meet the Half-FLIPino, Half-norWEIRDgian Francine Prieto! Yehey!

flawless beauty as ever

It all started when some rushers [who follows her on Twitter] asked if she wants to visit the famous RX booth, after the visits of other celebrity rushers like Xian Lim. Being a rusher also, she showed her anticipation in doing so. And then, she tweeted one night that she'll be guesting at The Morning Rush.

Oh boy, it was one riot day for all the rushers and listeners awhile ago, literally and figuratively. Thanks to the oozing sex appeal and wit of Ms. Francine who naturally had stunned all of us, and made us laugh hilariously.

What made the visit more epic was the conversations they had in-between the Top Ten entries. It was hilariously great! And oh, don't forget the ambush interview by a former DZMM anchor to Gino Quillamor's Love and yes, Sex Life!

Even the epic pic was great! Thanks to my entry which paved way to the idea of 'pwet ng bata'. My entry goes like this:

And the 'pwet ng bata' epic pic was this:

'Ba't di pantay?' 'Talagang ganun!' LOL

Of course we didn't miss the opportunity to grab some pictures with her. Here are some:

first pic with ms. francine

'pangarap ka na lang ba....'

group pic

with @thepabileguy
epic fan boy of the day: @ron_mojacko

awkward @ginoboi hihi

More pics to come! Just check out my multiply site.

Sadly, the show must end. But it didn't end the fun moments. Ms. Francine told us that it will not be the last, but just the beginning of everything! And we will expect more of her in the coming days.

The Top Ten EPIC Words of the Day [Thank you Ms. Francine Prieto for this]

10. Amoy Mongol Pencil - scent that smell like a wood

9. Face with Abs - facial features that have 'other' features

8. Eps - shortened form of Epal

7. Kataas-taasang, Kasuluk-sulukan, Kadilim-diliman - some points to consider in finding a 'comfortable' and 'convenient' place in the movie house

6. Wise-spender - someone who spends a little for their dates; a.k.a. kuripot!

5. Mouth-to-Mouth Resurrection - making someone cured from his fever

4. Dilim-genic - a person seems aesthetically good-looking in the dark

3. Auto-genic - a person seems aesthetically good-looking when with just a car

2. Pwet ng Bata - referring to some 'other' body parts synanymous to a kid's butt

enn da taff~

1. Amoy Tool box - some eww-y smell that was indescribable in words

'Till next time Ms. Francine! Keep the rushers' blood flowin'. ;)

Simple Rules for Happiness

Some rules to ponder on if we want to be happy in our life. :)


This Is What They Perceive Us

Somewhat true hahaha. This made me miss dancing more. I wanna be back on the dancefloor right away!

Rushers Unite!

credits to JRhyan

Attend the last leg of the Book signing of National Bookstore's Bestselling book by Chico Garcia and Delamar Arias.

Don't miss it folks!

[Reviews] Detective Conan Remake

I was surprised to know that 2 of my rusher friends from down south had a mini remake of one of my long-time favorite anime/manga.

Ryan Rafols and Kimy Fernandez both were in the short film, Ryan being the Lead Kudou Shinichi while Kimy was one of the suspects [Emi].

I didn't actually know about this until Ryan replied to one of my tweets that went like 'I'll be watching Detective Conan now'. Then he opened up the story. Much to my persuasion of letting me watch their version, he then gave me the links.

I don't now about other DC fans but I appreciate every move that will depicts the Conan-ism to others, just like this.

Funny thou that I commented not on the story but on the props and the aesthetics of the film, just like the one I did with the prime suspect's eyebags with his line. See the comment here.

But then, I want to just share what was on my mind. So here I go.

It was great thou very typical one. What surprised me is that the Actress Yoko Okino was the one killed! I didn't expect that the victim would be her. If they had a person portraying Mouri Kogorou I'm sure he would have cried and lamented in disbelief.

Not-so for me. I got giddy at first when ShinxRan moments was present but it died out in the middle, during the crime investigation. How I wished that Ran then popped out of nowhere in the crime scene, and got jealous with Satou-keibun.

I got giddy upon hearing my favorite tunes! I was like, 'Hey I know this' thus, making me sing along with them. What I found weird is that they included a 2NE1 song. Thou it may seemed proper but then, a Korean song on a Japanese-remake anime in a Filipino language? Nahh, I don't think so.

This is where they lacked. The acting was convincing. It's just that who wouldn't take a Police Investigator seriously if she wasn't in a Formal Police Attire? Much more that Yoko Okino was an actress so she should have wore some nicer clothes.

Also, Shinichi would have been depicted better if he was in a HS unfirom, with his signature looks and mannerisms.

I'd give this remake a 8/10. As I've said, it was ok but due to lack of some important factors the score went down. But it's still worth sharing to others. Kudos to both of you, Kimy and Ryan. :)

Selecta Cornetto Disc Latest CF

Want to share this uberly cool CF from Selecta Cornetto Disc. It featured Somedaydream a.k.a. Rez Toledo, the man behind the hit 'Hey Daydreamer' and 'Sing This Song'.

I won't spoil anything but I want you to know that I made an appearance to the CF. Find me in you can. ;)


Join Vina and Asian Vogue's Online Promo

I know you want these babies as much as I would. So why not join my good friend Vina Yabut and Asian Vogue's Online Promo by simply following these instructions:

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Some Reminders

I would like to share to all this photo I stumbled upon at one friend from her FB account. Upon reading I totally agreed to what he said.

Read everything but take note of the underlined statements. It will surely make you remind of something you might have forgotten already.

Unexpected on a Monday

It’s all said and done, it’s real, and it’s been fun...
Not really... well, maybe some...

I wasn't really expecting that today's gonna be the day where I will leave my workplace for 5 month. Just imagine that your boss will suddenly call you amidst all your pending works just to blurt out that today, yes today, you will be laid-off earlier than the date of the end-of-contract.

Yes, you got it right. Effective tomorrow, I will be one of 7.3% who are currently unemployed, that's about 2.9 million who has no jobs here in the Philippines.

Thou I have reasons of not continuing the work until I get promoted, it's so sudden for me to be relieved from work. I mean, I readied myself to say goodbye to the folks that I have been with for the past few months, but only on Friday, not today!
notice that the date were changed for today

Even my co-workers [who apparently are so close to me] shocked upon hearing the news. Of all days, why have a lay-off on a Monday? Why not on a Friday? More so, I wasn't informed that the one who will cover-up my position will arrive today.

Good thing that my close co-workers consoled for me. They really are the best co-workers in the entire planet! Thou we may have age differences [me being the youngest], all our minds clicked together. I will surely miss all of you!

This might be a bittersweet end in my part, I still thank them for many things, for the lessons in life that one will just learn in the workplace, for many encounters in life that I didn't expect to meet [one being able to own some clothes and pairs of shoes of ZARA].

Thank you for the 5 memorable months of work, of laughter [with my girls], of happiness, and of stress.

May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.


Mapua Booklet Shirt

Oh how I miss those dying days at Mapua. LOL.

In fact, I kinda miss this yellow booklet of ours, used during the not-so-major subjects hehe. Such a brilliant idea to come up with a shirt for the famous booklet.

I will grab one once it will be out to the Mapua populace. Hehe :D


The Boys Acoustic/Jazz Version

I just love this cover of Girls' Generation's [or So Nyeo Shi Dae/SNSD for some] worldwide-hit 'The Boys'. As a Sone [fans of Girls' Generation] I can't help but to criticize some of the other artists' renditions of their songs.

Good thing that Lyn, the Korean singer, sang it pretty well. Thou I saw some comments from the netizens that this was just copied from some other Korean artist as well.

Nevertheless, I appreciated the effort she gave. I give her a 9/10. :)

Xian Lim on The Morning Rush

I was really surprised to learn that one of my celebrity crushes Xian Lim [who starred in the recently concluded Primetime Series My Binondo Girl] will be actually visiting the ever-famous RX booth on Friday.

I really had no definite plans of going to the booth yesterday. But things had changed when my mom messaged me on the phone, saying that I have to go home in our Bulacan house 'coz of some emergency that pertains to my dog.

Luckily, my co-rusher Eugene happened to live near our provincial home. So we met on the bus and then planned on how to go and see Xian the next day. And this made me realize that I want to see him.

Next day, I woke up at 4.00 am, got ahold of my belongings and stuff [I even ironed my dress that was still damp from last night's quick landry]. I left the house around 5.00 am and met Eugene in Jollibee Pulilan around 5.20 am.

We rode a bus bound to Pasay City and took off at Ortigas area, walked towards Strata 2000 and waited for Xian to arrive. We arrived at the booth around 6.50 am.

Around 7.35 am, Xian had arrived! With a maroon jacket, and a glasses on, he's simply looking great with his outfit!

the eagle has landed

He didn't go inside the booth 'coz he's letting his pants out first. He JUST ran from the Ground Floor up to the 17th Floor in order to be in the RX booth, without even breaking a sweat! Talk about him being a super man.

Upon entering, fans, aka the girls present, sworn over him. But unlike some other artists, Xian showed his super kadooper ultramega big smile to us. He even was suprprised to see many people present. He's so nice 'coz you won't see him not smiling. He truly was enjoying the time with us.

Thanks to JRhyan who came in prepared, we had a photo of him with a greeting to our fellow rushers. We even had a video of it. :)

And here's the video, JRhyan's version ['coz mine's till not uploaded. Boo me! :/]

We had so much fun with him on the booth. The TMR trio had also made a special epic rap-off on his visit. Here's the video [credits to JRhyan again].

Of course, we wouldn't missed the opportunity to have our photos taken with him. Here's mine:
2nd one to take a pic with him
credits to Chico Garcia
Xian with the Rushers. credits again to Chico G.

Till the next meet-up again, Xian. And I hope you had a great time with us. Thank you for the opportunity of meeting you in the booth. :)

Trapped Puppy Saved

I stumbled upon this video on Chico Garcia's blog and honestly I teared up. Who wouldn't have thought that a month-old puppy would be trapped in an underground pipe for quite some time?

I seriously salute the unsung heroes of Michigan Humane Society for saving the puppy from its drastic condition. How I wish that we have such people here in the Philippines, much as I wish for someone who will be more willing to have his home be excavated just to rescue the poor puppy.


What's your favorite TV show?

basta anime ganun

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

If you would be given a chance to go back to the past and change something, what would you change and why?

my course in college

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Are you happy with your life now? Why?

not really. 65-45

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Friends with Benefits or steady relationship? ;)

steady relationship

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

depth of character, incomparable sense of fashion or immense intellect?

depth of character

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

routine or spontaneity?


ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

would you go for someone you love or for someone who loves you?

someone i love

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Cocktails, wines or beers?

cocktail drinks

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Are you proud of your Zodiac Sign?

YES! #aquariusrepresent

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Join Vina's Post-Birthday Promo

Vina Yabut, a good college friend of mine has recently blogged via her blogspot site 
that she'll be giving away some acccessories to lucky followers.

some of the accessories for giveaway. thanks to Vina Yabut

Ever since she started out as a small-scale entrepreneur in Mapua I always buy stuffs from her, be it accessories nor clothes. Even food during our Mapua Business Week [Sale Week]. That's why I know that whatever she is selling is of good quality and condition.

So Vina, if you need a model, just contact me ah! ;)

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So come and join in the fun of winning accessories from Vina! :)


Day 16 - 22 of My 22 Bizarre Wishes for my 22nd Birthday :D

I am now running against time. I want to finish this blog series before the clock hits the 12-midnight thou my birth time is still at 4.45 am tomorrow.

To wrap up my 22 wishes, here are my 16th - 22nd wishes. Enjoy! :)

Day 16: A Lunar [or Solar] Eclipse on my birthday [or night]

Since this year it's full moon on my birthday [to which I keep on wishing since 2007], I will ask for an eclipse for the next years to come. Even more if it's a lunar perigee moon and an eclipse at the same time. That would be great!

Day 17: Rain showers on my Birthday

I firmly believe that when it rains on your special day, be it a wedding, or a birthday, it will bring you blessings. Thou my birthday lands on a winter season, I haven't experience snow fall due to being in a tropical country. So the only probable weather condition to wish for is to rain on my birthday.

But if I get to travel on cold countries, I wish for a snowfall, not a blizzard. :D

Day 18: Kol Senner Guy's verday grit [birthday greet]

He's one of the thousand persona of Rico Lacbao aka Chico Garcia aka ChiChi of RX 93.1's The Morning Rush show with Chico, Delamar, and Gino. I just want to have a hilariously great greeting from ze Kol Senner Guy who came from Uhhhmercan. I'm sure he's on the job tomorrow, 'coz "choosedays are mandays" to Kol Senner Peeple. :D

Day 19: TMR Epic rap-off that will make singit of my name as a greeting

Well, nothing's impossible if I wish for this one right? I just want some line that will interpret that they're greeting me, or some sort. hehe. :D

Day 20: Money. Lots and lots of money.

I NEED MONEY! That's for sure. hahaha XD

Day 21: To tour Asian countries

Minimum for the year to come: at least 3 Asian territories. We'll be conquering 1 on Oct. - Nov. [we're not yet sure with Macau but most definite for HK]. I want to go to Japan on winter {around Jan. - Feb. next year] or any Southeast Asian country.

ennnnn da tafff.... LOL XD

Day 22: To be finally find the purpose in life

I know what I want but I cannot do it that much. I have something that I really don't like, that I am capable of doing it but I don't see myself benefiting from it till years to come. I know that I am at the point where I am standing in a crossroad, that any moment I might go into a wrong direction.

That's why as early as now I want to make myself clear. I know that I am a type of person who wants to have everything, who wants to try anything that comes along way, but I know that I cannot, with the current me, do them all at the same time.

I hope that I will really find my purpose in life, seek all the answers for questions on my mind.


Day 6 - 15 of My 22 Bizarre Wishes for my 22nd Birthday :D

And because I was pretty busy with my work and such these past few days I forgot to blog.

I will just make it quick and simple, since my birthday is already fast approaching and I cannot blog this weekend.

Day 6: A New Laptop!

Since my netbook died out in the midst of my feasib-making a year ago [make that a year and a month], I have been jumping from one pc to another. During those crucial moments I was using Otousan's PC from his workplace: an old Pentium 4-Windows XP pc. It might be ok but the processor's too slow for me 'coz I do multi-tasking jobs there, like researching while typing while listening to music while tweeting while fb-ing!

Dream Laptop would SHOULD have:
> minimum of 500gb hard drive
> an optical drive [to burn my pics/vids]
> at least 5mp webcam [merun ba nito?]
> fast processor; min. might be pentium i5 or so
> sleek design [pwede ding hindi]

Day 7: Makapasok sa Top 10 Entries ng The Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar 

But this wish has been come true already, one last Monday and the other one was this morning. But i really do wish I'll be a frequent toplister. Just for fun!

And so, I change my wish into: Have more wit in able to conquer Chico and Delamar's Top 10 Entries hehe :D

Day 8: SNSD Merchandise

I have been a fan of this great South Korean girl group but until now I still don't have a tangible proof that I am such. All I did was to watch their perfs, DL their songs [thou I don't distribute them elsewhere], support them at the back, pray for their safety, etc. etc.

This year I want to start collecting them. I have sooo much more to collect, given proper time and resources.

Day 9: BoA Merchandise

Same reason with the previous wish. Been a fan since 2004 or earlier but till now all I have are DLed songs. No CDs, DVDs whatsoever. I really would like to have her albums from 2001 up to the current. :D

Day 10: Arashi Merchandise

Same reason as of 2 previous wishes. hehehe :D

Day 11: Getting in shape and in right body

I really missed dancing. I just hope after the board exams I could get back to it, thus having a healthy lifestyle. hehe :D

Day 12: Gino Quillamor's Sexy Voice birthday greet

Who wouldn't wish for a greeting from your crush, especially if it'll be heard all over the world? Even just a simple 'happy birthday' will do, as long as it'll be in his sexy voice. #alamna XD

Day 13: Whole-day greeting at RX 93.1FM

I just hope every program someone will greet me there, every just a snipet of it or two. It'll be very much appreciated.

Day 14: A Top Ten entry that's somehow I am related to, or a Top Ten entry that I submitted

I will lose nothing if I wished for this, right? :D

Day 15: Costume Sets for Cosplaying

I really wanted to try cosplaying since gradeschool but my mom doesn't allow me due to financial constraints. Now that I am big enough to pursue it I am trying my best to come up with a nice costume set. But of course, some are needed to be sewn by professionals.

I really hope I'll start cosplaying in events this year. :D


I Have Found Her!

Well, not literally that I found her. It was the other way around.

She found me and it seemed like the greeting that I've made last Monday was the key to find her.

Before the tweet, there was this blogpost. I posted it, dedicated to her but I think only few read 'coz all of us has no single clue of who she is and her whereabouts.

Then I thought of an another resort: thru twitter. :D

I tweeted my daily dose of happiness 2 days after the event [and to which the topic was related to the book launch] and greeted her like we've known each other for years.

the tweet that paved the way to her discovery

Unknowingly and unexpectedly, that single tweet really reached her. I wasn't able to search for her that much 'coz I only know her nickname [I assumed that it was just a nickname, and that her name might be Rowena or Wendy].

A day after, a tweet has reached me that went like this:
the tweet of discovery

When I read that tweet, I hysterically shouted for joy. I never imagined that that tweet will really make it. Then I searched for her on facebook and good thing she accepted me. :)

Her Real Name is Gwendolen So. Twitter name: 8nen8.

And since I have befriended her, might as well add her up on the rushers fb groups to which everyone was happily welcoming her.

Welcome to the group [and to the Rushers family], Gwen. :)

I hope you'll enjoy every moment of your stay at the group and during Rushers events. :)