The Search for the Mysterious Fan Girl

While we're having fun at the book launch and signing of The Best of Chico and Delamar's The Morning Rush Top Ten book there was this fangirl that caught our eyes. She was holding this banner that says "Rushers pls. sign my book". It also indicates the names ODH, Loi_Pogi, and Sasha Purse.

These names are famous to the world of rushers and to the station, unless you haven't listen to The Morning Rush at RX 93.1FM.

ODH, or Oscar dela Hopia, is the epitome of Rusher-ism. He is the Great Master. A legend of his own league, He just have only 17 entries in the book. Surely, his entries, whether naughty or nice, green or blue, has surely made you crack a laughter or shed some tears.

Loi_Pogi, now more commonly known as The Professional Heckler, is one of the foundations and legends of Rusher-ism. We haven't met him in person [I wasn't able to meet him yesterday despite being in the venue for quite some time] but we know that he is one great rusher. He is the writer of the Foreword of the book.

Sasha Purse is another of the legendary rushers. I personally haven't met her yet [she was in Iloilo yesterday] but I bet she is just like any rusher: mischievous, naughty, but easy-to-get-along-with, nice.

Back to the girl, we were surprised about her courage to put up a banner for ODH, being the lone celebrity rusher she was looking for. And humble as he was, Master ODH graced her book a sign and some photo ops.

she looks over as Master ODH signs her book

both are shy of each other. ayiie~ :">

credits to ODH

I talked and entertained her a bit just to get to know her more. I'm not lesbian, I just find her cute and simply beautiful [I really told her that] which really made her shy a bit. I asked for her details but she hesitated to give even just her twitter account to the reason of she's not that active. I really would like to befriend her. :D

I feel her anxiousness and excitement on meeting The Great Master ODH. The LazerTag people can attest how did I react upon knowing and seeing ODH. Even I that time got ashamed of what I've done but it was all worth-it. Because of that, I got to know the other beautiful and great people of the TMR community.

So, let's all find this Mysterious Fan Girl named Weng. Yes, she gave her name to me but not her details. Who knows, she might just around the corner. ;)

we really want to get to know you more, Weng :)