Day 3, 4 and 5 of My 22 Bizarre Wishes for my 22nd Birthday :D

yes, i will consolidate 3 days in one post for now since i wasn't able to blog anything last night.

i was thinking for some other wishes but i can't think of other stuffs right now.

maybe what i am really after is not material things...

oh well, i still do want to have these, so here are my day 3 - 5 wishes :D

3rd Wish:

Anime plushies, soundtracks, OVAs... for short, anything related to anime!

edogawa conan plushie. i like!

since childhood i've been an avid anime lover... otaku in japanese. but due to financial constraints i still have no collections whatsoever.

and i started to get back to my chidhood faves in college. one of those is detective conan which, until now, is still an unfinished manga.

i want not just toys. perhaps even just a manga... anything related to it... and yes, not just detective conan... ANYTHING ANIME! :D

4th Wish:


colorful wigs they are
since i'm getting my confidence [finally] to try cosplay i want to first have the basic and vital necessities of the cosplay: WIGS.

as much as i would like to color my hair for events, i don't want to sacrifice my, ehem, beautiful hair for these. even great cosplayers wear wigs for cosplay.

it may be anything as long as it's usable for sudden events. wigs could be used also in other matters, wel, in other entertaining purposes that is.

i wish to have a blonde wig first 'coz that's my dream hair color. after that, it's flaming red! haha XD

5th Wish:

oh yes, good health and long life...

yun lang... i can't think of others for now eh :))

for now yan na muna. will continue the 6th one tomorrow :D