Day 2 of My 22 Bizarre Wishes for my 22nd Birthday :D

wasn't able to clear my mind about today's wish but since i've been ranting about it on twitter might as well rant it over here.....

2nd Wish:

To Have a Smartphone by September - October 2012!!!

this baby is killing me off... :/

and yes, samsung is still on my list

my reason? it's because by the end of October till the start of November 2012, my family will be having its first out-of-coutnry trip to ze Land of Dumplings and Karate....... Hong Kong!

and to prepare myself to this wonderful event, i want to have a smartphone that would help me share to the world my adventures there.... real-time sharing, baby!

and yes, i am torn with ze smartphones in the market nowadays.

i don't know what to get by the end of March... my contract for my Smart Postpaid line will expire and by then i should make my mind on choosing the plan with unlimited data surf AND lots of sms :D

maybe i just decide on what phone to take by around March so that i know what's the latest in the market. :D