konnichiwa ryuu, sayonara usagi ^^

gonna get goin' y'all ;]
i'm just hatchin' :3

Just a few hours remaining before we bid goodbye to the hoppy rabbit and welcome the wet dragon.

As we welcome the new year, have we made something significant this year? Have we accomplished something extraordinary? I won't ask about the New Year's Resolutions for I know that many didn't able to meet them. Hehe :D

This year, as I had sent as an entry to Fran and Andre's Jumpstart program on Monster Radio RX 93.1, was a rollercoaster ride for me. It was fun at the beginning of the year, thanks to my extracurricular activities with Mapua DanceCom thou i'm in the midst of finishing our feasibility study and at the same time juggling my time on the Undergrad Review for ACT students and attending to my Internship at an auditing firm.

The middle of the year, it was a rough ride. Thanks to the defense of our study [that I really hate, due to that one aprticular panel member], plus the endless processing of our requirements for graduation which made us go to Mapua Intramuros back and forth for a lot of times. Good thing we were able to finish them on-time for our commencement exercises last August.

But of course, I still have a bitter-sweet ending for the year. With lots of blow-by-blow events and activities happened at the last trimester of the year.

Beginning of September, I got the chance to participate in Orange Dance Studio's Decade of Dance. Come end of September, I was finally hired by ZARA Philippines as an Accounting Staff/Clerk [they seemed to be of the same definition]. This seemed to be okay but then the Review for CPA-wannabes had started at the end of November, my social life is affected now! :))

Thou I seemed to be busy, I never forget to at least enjoy life on my own. I was able to attend different conventions of my interests and hobbies, got chances of meeting new people, and interact with them.

Come December. I didn't expect this month will be wickedly great! I just happened to try joining promos on RX 93.1. Not only that I was able to participate with them on the Lock & Load event last December 17, 2011, I also met great people!

This may not be the best year so far [and I may have lots of regrets] I still can say I enjoyed this year.

I just hope that Ryuu's Year will be great for me. Here's a slice of 2012's luck (Chinese Horoscope):
There will not be too many dull moments in 2012 for those born under the sign of the Horse. There may be quite a few changes on the home front this year. You will do exceptionally well career wise this year. March will be a good time if you are thinking of a job change. It would be advisable for you to follow a proper diet and take adequate rest this year with such a hectic schedule all through the year. If you meet someone special, try not to come on too strong as it can be a major turn off. Financially, you need to be more careful as certain losses are indicated. These may be the result of certain hasty decisions on your part. It’s important that you don’t jump in and analyse even the minute details for a positive year ahead. Keep strong emotions like possessiveness and jealousy at bay to avoid tense situations. The south is lucky and the month of June brings happiness. Dress in your lucky colour green for added charm.

And the Western one is this:
“Try to be less hesitant” is the advice that zooms out bright from the Aquarius Horoscope 2012. Carefree yet focused, creative yet confused, at times the water bearer tends to be much of a procrastinator.

This leads to unwanted inhibitions and hesitations. The Aquarius astrology update for 2012 would have circumstances where the only way out would be spontaneity. The troublesome affairs of last year ceases for good, but being hesitant to new ideas and people will only bring the same stagnation back.

Your social life will improve manifolds as does your family life. Owing to a job change or a career move might take you to a new land amidst new people. Socializing is on the cards! As you meet new people, make friends you get the scope to learn about various aspects. 

The Aquarius horoscope 2012 reveals few other important facts on other areas such as love, work, money and relationships. 

read more here...

I just wish for a fruitful and meaningful year, no matter what happened. And also, I don't believe that it'll be the end of the world next year. Only God knows when will be the end.

May the Water Dragon pour all kinds of luck and good vibes this coming year. 16.5 hours to go before midnight...


Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu Minna!


Pop Pop and Away!

December 17, 2011.

A day set for games of lazer guns and lights. 
A day set to unleash the inner snipers, gunners, and tacticians 
[not to mention gymnasts] sleeping in the depths of our souls.

Monster Radio RX 93.1 presents to you: 

LOCK & LOAD: The Monster Warfare!

credits to RX 93.1 website

The mission: to be the champion of 3 lazer-filled challenges

The prize: passes to Manila Ocean Park, Laser Xtreme merchandise, and RX 93.1 goodies

Days before this event, the radio jocks of diff. shows in RX 93.1 recruited some of its listeners to be part of their teams. The teams were [with their respective leaders]:

Red [Kikay Barkada] - The Morning Rush w/ Chico & Gino
Green [Team Ro-Ro] - The Ride w/ Jude, Rico, & Karen
Black [Team Negro] - The Daily Survey w/ Louie D. and Danielle
White [Team Pop Pop!] - Jumpstart w/ Fran and Andre
Yellow [Team Yellow] - Happy Hour w/ Hazel & Cerah
Blue [Team JinTomnia] - Late Night Clinic w/ Tom & Jinri
Orange [Team HeckYeah!] - The Morning After w/ Alven & Sel
Violet [Team Radio1] - Radio1 w/ student jocks

I was chosen for White Team, with Fran sending me an e-mail a day or two after I sent my requirement of an action pose :D

But I wasn't expecting Black Team to e-mail me too the day i received Fran's mail. At first, I was troubled as to which team should I really join. I came up with the decision of being with the first team to acknowledge me as their official member. So yeah, I am a Popper! :D

Day of the game. I arrived at the venue 45 mins. late. It's because we left my place late and dropped off at the wrong place [thank you Festival Mall for this confusion]. ;p

Good thing nothing has been done yet, till 1.30 pm as we readied ourselves for the battle of the year [daw].

Somewhere between 12.45 and 1.30 a very special guest has arrived to support our team. It's no other than Phil Younghusband! We got an import! Way to go, Poppers! :)

Thank you to the one who captured this pic on my cam :)

Pop Pop! went up against Team HeckYeah! first at the LazerTag. I, being a complete newbie listened to our great tactician Kuya Benjie about our gameplan and just did what I have to do. We picked our vests and guns [and got the name Blade] and off we go to the battlefield.

The game was so intense, i tell you. 'Twas not easy, it's just like paintball but more fun that that. One will not die and not participate anymore, it's just have a 3-second temporary hold on the gun.

At the end of the game the winner was announce: US! And guess what, I was the Top scorer for the round! @_@ I was like 'Oh my God, how'd that happen?' and then Fran said 'Good job y'all!'. :)

after-game look. see how great we were, huh? ;p :D

After some rests, we headed for the LazerMaze event. Boy, this was bysofar the hardest. We were required to pass by series of lasers just like those in the movies. Flexibility and Mindset were needed. I may have the proper mindset but my flexibility was not-so-good these days so I don't expect a high score for me. :))

We lost to Team HeckYeah on this round but no one's bitter about it. It seems everyone anticipated the result of this round. :))

Last round for the Elims was the LazerSniper, their latest addition to the laser adventures. The sniper gun was kinda heavy so i missed some of the targets but I still did good, as well as with my teammates. We conquered Orange Team with our victory in this event.

And we're up on the Semis on LazerTag event agains Team Negro. Man, the fight was so close. Those 2 men in blacks are so sick! They always got me hit, many many times! Of course, I hit them back too. Payback, baby!

And also that kid who just follows you around. Man, if one wouldn't notice him ahead, you're dead meat! Not to mention the stalking done by Louie D himself to me. He hit me many times too, I also hit him many times hahaha.

The game had finished. We knew who won: Team Negro..... by a mere 4000+ POINTS! Oh gosh, those points were too close. We could've hit them more but then again, we're time-constricted. 

The top spot was conquered by Andre, followed by peeps from the Black Team, then somewhere in the middle Rina was there, then at the 9th, Me! :D

Everyone enjoyed the last game 'coz everyone's on the move. You cannot station in one place only. You gotta move, fast but discretely.

After our fight with the Black, we just stayed at the area to watch, enjoyed each others company, talk, share stories [and twitter accounts] and more! As long as it's fun, we did it.

The Final Round happened, with Black and Yellow competing for each other. This is the most intense game that I've ever seen. The Yellow got nice tactics and strategies; the Black got the good men on the loose. They all are the bomb!

On the LazerTag event, it was Yellow Team who brought home the bacon. But the Over-all Champion was the Black Team, after conquering the LazerSniper and the LazerMaze.

'Twas a day full of fun and intensity, i tell you!

And of course, I didn't miss this opportunity to have photo ops with the radio jocks that I've been listening to since years ago :)

it's Teacher K! :)

the Ro is here, yo! Jude Rocha :D

si ChiChi, este si Chico pala :D

my radio crush #1: Gino Boy! :">

o hail great andre (now my crush #2) :)

with alvHen of TMA :D (me H talaga lol ;p)

the beautiful Fran, the great captain :)

And yes, the Top 2 of LazerTag went for some 'yabang' pose [i think?] :))

sorry dude, but i just won over you ;p

i will definitely be back for the LazerTag. I love it! Haha.

Thank you RX 93.1 for this opportunity. Thank you Fran and Andre for choosing me to be part of the White Team. I enjoyed the company so much. :)

Thank You, KBP Golden Dove Awardee for Best FM Radio Station :)