my 11.11.11 thoughts

a lot of people are fond of making wishes whenever the clock strikes 11.11 [either at day or at night]. now that today's the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year after the millennium, everyone's going gaga over making never-ending wishlists.

my day started off with listening to rx 93.1's morning rush sho. gino and fran, today's djs, announced the topic for the next 4 hours: your message to your future boyfriend/girlfriend [dear future bf/gf.......]. i admit kilig was over the place [well, in my case over my body] upon hearing those sweet words, how mushy and cheesy they may get to be.

listening to the radio program has made me think that why don't i also prepare a message for my future half... i know that God will provide me one at the right place at the right time but hey, one can never be prepared if no action will be done, right?

maybe my message to him will go like this:

dear future boyfriend,

you know how much i have waited for you. i may not be your first, you may be mine, but i want you to know that i want us to last forever....... 

and yes, it sounds so cheesy. but the statement says what i am trying to say awhile ago. it just that, i hesitated to send in my message to RX hotline :D

aside from a great love story, i also wish for everyone's happiness, not just mine. i don't want to be madamot [sorry for being conyo at this time XD] in giving it out. i want everyone around me to feel sum' loooove ;)

personally, i want to wish that everything will be fine, that everything i want to do will be done in the near future. all my plans, aspirations, dreams and hopes will really take place at some point in time in the future. they might be so distant now but if i work hard to achieve them then they will do come true.

oh before i forget, happy pepero day too!

pepero day is celebrated in south korea, thanks to the pepero choco sticks made by lotte confectionery.

just google it for more information... :D

happy 11/11/11 to all! :)

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