on hiatus.

i have not been able to update my blogspot, multiply, and tumblr accounts for an estimate of 2 months. thanks to my sudden hiring to zara philippines head office as an accounting clerk.

no, i really don't blame them for it. it's just that i am too tired from office that i merely forgot what sites to open.

i even haven't checked on my mails from the pc, just through phone [and i haven't read them either].

my online games [tinierme and gaiaonline] which i was somehow active during august and beginning of september have gone another hiatus.

also, i haven't got myself to see my ever-loving friends, either from hs or college. i barely messaged them 'coz when i do i won't be having sleep at all.

i just got myself updated on twitter. thank God for the developer of gladlycast and snaptu i can somehow take a peek on what's happening in my most fave social networking site in the whole wide universe. ;)

speaking of updating, i somehow also updated myself on facebook, but unlike twitter...

i still have lots of videos and images to upload, then post some on lockerz then then......

i must have some time to reconnect to the world, physically, and virtually, or else i might go crazy while facing our payables. lol ;p

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