how to go to tanghalang pasigueño

Are you bysofar gonna come with us on the 10th of September for the much-anticipated 10th Anniversary Concert of Orange Dance Studio?

If yes, and you don't know how to go to the venue then wait no further for these are the tips on how to go there ;) (credits to ate alwen via fb)


1. From the Megamall FX terminal, take the FX - Pasig Palengke. This ride passes right in front of the theatre.

2. Take the Pasig-Quiapo Jeep along Shaw Blvd. and inform the driver that you are going to the

3. By cab, take Shaw Blvd to cross C5 and enter the Pasig City proper to the City Hall.

so there, you won't lose your way to the venue now, oke? :)

see you on the 10th of Septermber at 6.00 pm ;)

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