unending words of gratitude

It's been just days since i finally marched my way to PICC for our much-awaited Commencement Exercises in Mapua. It's an honor for me to give thanks to those people whom i have shared my life with during these past 4 years of stay in that old RCBC building along Sen. Puyat Ave. in Makati.

these people never failed to make me laugh 'till my stomach hurts XDFirst and foremost, I want to thank my Accounting Buddies '07. We've shared various emotions throughout our journey to graduation. We may have lost many people along the way [due to the 2.50-quota grade] but the group is still intact. I'm proud to have you guys as my college buddies. And as what SpongeBob have said, "Buddies can get through anything, as long as they do it together… buddy!". Truly, we have come a long way since our day 1 in Mapua. And I hope we will still be together, thou not literally always, in whatever endeavors we have in the near future.

To our Accounting Professors, for always believing in our capacities as Accounting students and as Mapuans. Thou we're being pressured by unending loads of stuffs to-do, you still make us feel comfortable with your presence and your faith in us. Some of you might have left the school already but you still believe in our prowess. Without your guides, we wouldn't make this far. And as we face a new battle [which is the CPA Board Exam], I hope you still guide us throughout the way.

To the ETYSBM Department for lots of lessons in life. These experiences, good or bad, have taught us to nurture the gifts and talents hidden within us, to stand up for what we firmly believe. We may have some misunderstandings but I truly want to say thank you for those teachings undescribable in words.

To my Mapua Makati DanceCom for always bringing the joy and happiness in my life though i'm bombarded with stress and problems in schoolworks. You guys have taught me that I'm capable of doing something beyond my reach, that I can do something beyond studying. Thou my parents have a misunderstanding about you guys and my failed subject, I want to clear that up; that it's not your fault why I received that, that it got nothing to do with you nor with dancing. Thank you for those happy memories. You're one of those people who have made my college days colorful and happy.

To my ODS family, though I am not a frequent student of the studio, you never fail to make me feel at home whenever I attend the studio's activities. You have become a 2nd home [not to mention 3rd family] to me now. Thank you for the memories and I still continue to be associated with people like you until God-knows-when. Thank you for your guidance, your faith, and everything in-between!

To all the professors who handled me [I won't name you anymore], thank you. Even thou you bombarded each Mapuan with lots of schoolworks you made our stay in Mapua a memorable one. Thank you for a term [or 2] of handling me and my classmates.

To Prof. Alpha Omega Galsim, CPA, the first and only professor who had gave me a 5 [which made me unqualified for the Dean's Award:( ], i do thank you. Even thou you failed me in Act211 [FinAct 1 - Current Assets], it made me strive more to finish my program even thou along that road I was hesistant and confused if I have to shift course or to transfer to other schools. Even thou we didn't get along, I do respect you. With that failed mark, I learnt that in order to become stronger one must face trials, even failures. That failure made me a better person. Thank you for that.

To Atty. Joseph John Gerald Aguas and to his wife, [tita] Armi Aguas, CPA, thank you for everything you have done, from the photoshoot down to the feasibility study. You showed so much love to me, the love that was typically shown by parents. I really do admire both of you. I wish you all the best in life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

To my MaGiK team mates [Kat and Selle], we may have lots of misunderstandings during the feasib making process but you never failed in believing in my capabilities. I'm not just thanking you for that but also I want to say sorry if most of the time I neglect my duties to the group. I may feel irritated and so pressured with your stance to me but that made me persevere more in doing my duties. Thank you for everything despite my wrongdoings to the group.

To all the people I have met and befriended to during my stay in Mapua, thank you. Though we have met and hanged-out for an average of 1-2 terms only, you still have an impact in my life. Thank you for everything!

To my parents, I may not be a vocal daughter when it comes to giving thanks or showing my love to you but i really do appreciate EVERYTHING you've done to me since i was born. Though we may lave LOTS OF MISUNDERSTANDINGS [I won't mention them anymore], you still haven't given up on me. When I failed my subject you bombarded me with words unfathomable by a suffering student but you still encouraged me in the end. You may have not supported me in my activities yet when you do know about them you give them a go. We have so many contradictions but we do find ways how one will cope with them. I am really proud to have you as my parents. Now that I'm a graduate I will do my best to help [especially with the pets' food:)) ] but please, let me decide my future plans by myself, oke? I LOVE YOU MA [okaasan], PA [otousan].

To the Big Man above, Lord God, thank you for the bountiful blessings You have bestowed on me. I may not be the perfect daughter You have but You never failed me to give me Your unending grace. You have shown to me that as long as I have faith in You, You will provide everything. Please continue to guide me as I unravel a new path in my life. I seek for Your guidance but I know that Your will must be done. Whatever it is, I am openheartedly accepting them. Thank you for everything, Lord God.

I may have left the walls of Mapua Makati physically but in my heart I will long for those stairs, for the Rm. 115 [which is the official tambayan of AB '07], for the small [yet jam-packed] ETYSBM faculty room, those 2 coca-cola vendo, the water dispenser, the covered court... in short everything!

Thank you Mapua Institute of Technology - Makati campus for all of these memories. I shall recall them for eternity.

thank you Mapua. :)

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