one phase down... one more to go...

everything that ends has a new beginning to unfold...

awhile ago, i mean yesterday morning, i just had my baccalaureate mass in mapua intramuros together with my batchmates, classmates in accountancy program, friends, and some other schoolmates. it's a sign that we're really  nearing that endline of our college days.

in the philippines, a baccalaureate mass is celebrated before the commencement exercises to give praise and thanks to the Big Man above for giving us students strength and endurance in this race. and personally, i am so much thankful for everything He has given to me...

well, this day has started not-so-well, being waken up at 6 am rather than an hour ago; leaving the house  and waiting for taxi cab 300 minutes before the 8.00-a.m. mass; arriving at the venue 15 minutes late. and of course, with those scenes i am not happy at all.

but of course, the mood suddenly changed from piss and hatred to happiness and joy. i enjoy with my friends and company. i enjoy every minute we share. and these memories i shall recall for eternity.

after the baccalaureate mass we didn't let the opportunity pass to have our own photo opportunities. here are some of the pics:

of course we do have a nice shot XD

Accounting Buddies '07

you might ask why we are all in yellow. that is because in mapua it's a custom to have the schools in color-coding. the color assignment rotates but we're lucky to have yellow. not because it's my favorite color [well, that's a fact], but also yellow is the color of the worksheets that had helped us during our crucial times in accounting subjects. and we have this custom of wearing yellow-shaded shirts during major exams.

yellow is AB '07 and AB'07 is yellow. as simple as that.

we have lots of pictures. do visit my multiply album for this.

of course, team magik didn't let the opportunity away. we have our own team photo. yata!

Team MaGiK. picture courtesy of labtim Kat [at the left] ^^

for now, we will enjoy our last days as college students before we enter the real world of unemployment and board exam preparations hahaha.

see you all at PICC on thursday for the special day of our college life. ^^

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...we too are stardust...