so much for the awards and the final average =_=

this day is full of twists i must say. it all happened when we checked the list of graduates for the previous term in mapua. of course, i, kat, and selle wants to check if our names were really included in the list or not. it'll be scary to know we're not.

done with the checking of the graduates. moving forward to the next agenda: checking of those who have awards in our batch.

i am not expecting anything. really. i want to know if the others who i know are candidates do really have theirs. and we're right. amor and 4 others have awards. kudos to them.

one thing that just made me feel disappointed is that I WAS ELIGIBLE FOR THE AWARDS. IF ONLY I DON'T HAVE A GRADE OF 5.

unluckily, i do have one grade of 5. it was during 2y-1t (sy 2008-2009) that one professor failed me in fin. act. 1 - current assets. well, i won't disclose the reasons she gave me that time 'coz they are really invalid and so personal; it's a questionable one.

my final average was 1.92; that what i got during my entire stay in mapua. that's one high average for our course. ms. mayette of the registrar office told me that any average above 2.00 is eligible for the dean's award, as long as s/he doesn't have a failed grade.

if only i could turn back the time. if only i proved to that asjdfglkdjger prof that i am not what she thought of me that time. but nothing could be done now. the results are on-hand.

but there's one thing that i am proud of: I WAS ABLE TO GRADUATE IN THE SCHOOL I ATTENDED TO AND THE PROGRAM I AM TAKING SINCE DAY ONE OF MY COLLEGE DAYS which is really fascinating for me.

actually, i don't plan to bag any awards. i just want to graduate on time and on the course without shifting and/or transferring to other schools.

thank God for that.

with this, i will move forward and leave the walls of mapua with a bittersweet smile on my face. :']

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