happy 27,279th tweet to me ^^

and coincidentally, it's my 297th blog post :)) happy happy! ^^

yes, i'm this happy 'coz it'll happen only once... haha

but before reaching my 27,279th tweet, let me show you one [and other] special object that showed up in my twitter statistics...

A PALINDROME O_O and a semi one too... :))

check my no. of tweets below... and also my following and followers...

the palindrome: the no. of tweets (27,272) and the no. of lists and favorites (7) [though no. of favorites were not shown in the pic] :\

the semi-palindrome: no. of following (523) and no. of followers (253)...

isn't it great? i've lasted only for about almost 3 or 4 yrs in twitter and i've reach a whooping 27,000+ tweets! man, i must be really addicted to twitter hahaha :D

here's my twitter profile as i've celebrated my 27,279th tweet :D

my ever-loving, much-celebrated tweet was highlighted in pink... sooo girly haha XDD

and since it's once-in-a-twitter-timeline, i made a banner [notice the url in the tweet] :D

and since lockerz were barely new [again, with so much revamping and system restructuring], tweeps can't view the photo within the twitter page for now...

so for those who want to see the self-made banner i had... here it is :>

and yes, I AM THIS DAMN HAPPY :]

don't be bothered with the color. there's nothing new to it. they're my faves btw :D

so much for this celebration... hoping for more tweets to come hihi ^^

with that, arigatou twitter-san to yoroshiku onegaishimasu ^^

pls. do follow me up on twitter @angeliedesu arigatou minna-san ^^

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