15 anime in 15 minutes hohoho XD

The rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen anime you've seen that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes. Tag fifteen friends, including me, because I'm interested in seeing what anime my friends choose. (To do this, go to your Notes tab on your profile page, paste rules in a new note, cast your fifteen picks, and tag people in the note -- upper right hand side.)

1. Detective Conan
2. Rurouni Kenshin
3. SaberJ Marrionette
4. Zenki
5. Rave
6. Sailor Moon
7. Dragon Ball saga
8. Pokemon
9. Inuyasha
10. Itazura na Kiss
11. Naruto
12. Yu Yu Hakusho
13. Daimos
14. Gundam Saga
15. Katekyo Hitman Reborn

~ba't ganun, panay bishounen animes ata pinapanood ko? :))

~mas naihrapan pa akong mag-isip ng ita-tag na tao kesa sa animes eh :))

~from andee paloso's fb account ^^

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What 3 things do you think will become obsolete in the next ten years?

landline phones, bulky system units, etc

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

If you had the opportunity to live one year of your life over again, which year would you choose?

year 2007

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

If you won a $1,000 shopping spree for any store, which store would you pick?

a cosplay/anime/manga store perhaps

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

What's your favorite type of flower?

simple yet has exquisite beauty, just like cherry blossoms :">

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

If you could live in any house you wanted to, what would it look like?

either a traditional japanese house or a modern one...

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

YOU KNOW YOUR IN LOVE WHEN ______________????

i always think and dream of him...

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

how can you say that it is time for you to go?

idk... if i feel so?

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD


i've won daw...

i hope something like this is really true... hahahaha

Dear E-mail User, 
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Name: Dr. David Patrick 
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Dr. Jill Midkiff 
Tel: +44-701 004 5658.
All Rights Reserved 1991-2011

if this is soo~ true i could have been a child billionaire, having receiving these kinds of e-mails since i was a child :))

oh well...

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this is one dream i don't want to happen in reality

it has occurred to me again to dream that kind of dream...

what kind, if you may ask...

let's first say it's something related to evacuating and moving to a 'far-safer' places...


i myself is really wondering why do i have to dream about those things...

it's like my dreams are a premonition that something will happen...

oke, for those who can't picture out what had happened during that surreal time, let me narrate them...

the dream started of while i was in bed (yes, just as i was in bed awhile ago, taking my sleep)...

suddenly, my mom burst into my room, saying something like 'pack your impt. things. we're leaving'...

sorry. i can't remember the exact words she uttered...

being an obedient child i am (yes, i am obedient... in some ways :D), i do pack my things. the weird part is, i just used a small bag for 'those' things... idk... maybe i already fixed my other things that okaasan told me to just pack the other ones...

while determining my important things from the vast collections i have, i heard a band, a drum-and-lyre corp that is, to play one particular song that i'm familiar: Mabuhay. (for those who don't know this, it's a typical song for parades here in the philippines). i even corrected in myself the wrong notes the lyrists have hit and laughed myself off for this...

as i told okaasan that i'm ready, she pointed out and asked why did i wear 'that' t-shirt... i don't recall the design of that shirt from my dream but it occured to me that it might be so important that i even dared to wear it at those times, even if okaasan told me that i should take it off...

i went to the restroom for obvious reasons and then went back to my room to wait for further announcements... as i lie down in my bed (maybe it's to feel it for the last time), i heard okaasan and ninong ric talking below, saying that there's a problem...

if you're asking me what was that problem i couldn't answer you... thanks to my 2 samsung phones who kept disturbing me since 4.30 a.m.... but i did wake up minutes before 7 a.m....


i am no nostradamus or some sort of a psychic but this dream (or something related to it) has not just occurred for the first time...

in fact, if i was not mistaken, it is the fourth one, having 2 similar dreams last year (around november and december i think) and an another one last week or two...

i do know that dreams are just dreams but it occurred to me that i dreamt about it and the next thing i knew i now am doing what i did on my dreams...

i don't want to believe that what happened in those dreams will also occur real-time... i don't want to... just thinking it and recalling it makes me scared and at the same time sad...

and with all the stuffs happening around us, like earthquakes, tsunami, never-ending riots and troubles, one would think that what had predicted by the mayans are becoming true... i don't want to think that way...

that's why upon waking up awhile ago, i hurriedly prayed to God and uttered these words: God, pls. don't let those things happen in real life... pls. let them stay in my dreams... Amen.

for now, i want to savor life as it is, without troubles, without wars, without problems... i just hope that everything will be fine... i really do hope...

and i hope to not have those kind of dreams for now... f they come back again i am sure that there's a message behind it...

let's just pray for it... :')

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just passed by here

hello minna-san!

long time no see :D

i frequently do my blogs these days for i'm becoming busier and busier...

maybe it's because i'm nearing my graduation (this august)...



oh well, back to my regular programming of reading manga, watching anime and/or movies, listening to music, and tweet :))

till then,

Angelie ^^

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i miss you :(

do you know i miss you soooo much...

sorry if i haven't talked to you these past few days...

i've been very, very busy with feasib and ojt and dc training... really!

i'll come back to you one of these days, when all the things are done and through...

but before that, i must first clean my filthy and messy room...

then start fixing things for the last part of our feasib...

then prepare for the last term of my college years (i hope)...

oh my~~ listing them makes me feel i'm sooo busy!

i'll shall return... promise...

but for now, pls. allow me to use tumblr in reblogging pics and quotes... please? :D

yes? oh thank you sooooo much...

i love you ^^

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can anyone help me?

does anyone of you know how to cross-post tumblr posts into blogspot and  vice-versa? i just want to update one account and the rest will follow...

and hey, ong time no see blogspot... :D i missed you btw :D

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If you had to legally change your name, what would you change it to?

Sophia Angelie

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

give-up or strive hard?

strive hard

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

how is your valentines date?

had a date sa office ng client lol

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

to be with someone you like? or someone you love?

someone you love

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

what is your biggest regret so far?

quitting from dc

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

do you believe in love being the most important thing in this world?

no. happiness is :)

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

if i was your butler, what will be your first order?

make love not war :)

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

looks or attitude?


ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

I want to watch movies.......... Any suggestions? :)

crazy thing called love :>

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

What is the ideal Valentines for you?

maybe a romantic yet fun dinner? idk

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

What celebrity would you most like to meet in person?

maybe SNSD or BoA :D

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD