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honestly, this live drama is one of the best ending i had so far...

not too cliffhanging though you want to have more of it...

super sweet ending...

though the story took off from the original manga plot and anime (i'm a fan you know ^^), it stood alone; having its own version is great, without removing the important factors of SunakoxKyohei tugs-of-love-and war team-up. ;D

though it added some characters (like Takeru and Shinichi, plus the 2 gfs of Noi, and etc.), had some of the stories from the manga mix up with other stories on it, still it was great.

not to mention the awesome bodies of Kazuya and Hiroki, oozing with sex appeal and hotness... yum! ;p :))

but i must mention that i drool over Hiroki rather than Kazuya... i'm impressed with his acting as Oda Takenaga. he really portrayed the part i imagined for Takenaga. :>

but still, everyone's great. though at first i was not that convinced with Kazuya's portrayal of Kyohei, the oh-so-hot-and-yummy character of The Wallflower... sorry, i'm still a girl, you know. :P :'>

and also the one who portrayed Yuki... he's somewhat dark to portray the cutesy li'l boy. but appearance don't matter, just as Obaa-chan had said. what's important is the one you cannot see... oha oha, there's a moral lesson in The Wallflower ah! :))

btw, for those who don't know, The Wallflower is the English name of the series... though the more appropriate would be Perfect Girl Evolution... though still she's not yet "fully" evolved in the manga... hihihi ;)

oh well, i'll give this drama a 8.5/10... why? I STILL WANT MORE EPISODES! :)) that's why... ;D

if it'll have a season 2 or 3, i'll definitely watch it... and drool over Hiroki-kun's body all over again....... also Kazuya's.... =))))))

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