i'm damn frustrated...

...and i don't know why...

basta one thing's sure... I'M SAD AND FRUSTRATED...

i so hate this feeling. it seems i'm so useless and powerless and the world's responsibilities that were on my shoulders tripled as seconds pass.

i don't know how or when or where this frustration started. maybe i just opened a pandora box of emotions.

being this frustrated and sad makes me really really unproductive.

i have tons of schoolworks waiting for me but here i am, in front of the laptop, releasing this negative feeling.

but the feeling won't go away... not that easily...

oh God please help me. the most-dreaded weeks in mapua is fast approaching and i can't not be active, attentive, and participative.

i really don't want this kind of feeling.

please God, i beg of you. help me cure this ailment of mine. :(

♥ ~a secret makes a woman, woman.~ ♥

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