RIP Bunny :((

it is sad to say that one of my/our dogs Bunny passed away due to some man's negligence over wheels.

she was hit intentionally as she was able to get out of our gate because one of the workers there left the gate open.

according to my father who happened to be near the scene, he heard our dog howl due to pain.

she was only 2 yrs. old. :(( and was carrying 7 adorable puppies.

out of the 7, only 1 was alive. :((

she was one sweet, adorable dog. though i kept on teasing her, i do love her, and her puppies. :((

look how adorable she was...

that was taken a year ago, upon giving birth to her first 8 puppies. she was kissing me as i kiss one of her babies.

she was so attentive! look how she was...

i will miss you so much bunny. thanks for the great 2 yrs. with you. i will take good care of your babies, esp. the last one you left for us.

as for the one who did that to you, God will punish him. i will not curse him or what but i'm sure God will take care of him for us.

still can't believe you're now gone. huhuhu... TT^TT

thank you for the memories bunny. i love you! :((

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