watch our cinemapua entry!

good day peeps and loves. :)

we, from the rzl10 (at6) class present to you our entry for the coming cinemapua short film fest,

Pera Pera Lang Yan


Sebastian Quintana, Renz Sy, Vince del Rosario, and Gerald Laguio

edited by Aldrin Albite

script written and directed by YOURS TRULY :D

you can watch it from 06/15/10 - 06/16/10. the time for showing is still TBA.

please support us. thank you and God Bless! :)

special thanks to the following people:

> Bryan Clemente for the poster and cd cover
> Ms. Eden Jacob and the SBM Faculty for the location

coming to the AVR June 15-16, 2010

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