[Reviews] Pera Pera Lang Yan (reaction on our cinemapua entry)

i know that the cinemapua fest has ended so there's nothing to fuss about it anymore.

but since i've written in my previous posts that i'll be judging our very own entry in my way, here it is.

feel free to watch the entry here :)

Pera Pera Lang Yan Part 1

Pera Pera Lang Yan Part 2

after you watch the entry, you will certainly see the errors that i really wanted to correct before it was to be submitted.

but i will point them out and tell them in my own words.

there are the parts that had failed me:


the background music was way too loud for the audio of the video to hear. i told aldrin (the one who edited this) to lower the volume down so that the words spoken by the actors and actresses can be heard by all. he then said yes to me. but upon watching the entry on the showing day itself, i was disappointed to hear that the bg music are louder than it was supposed to be, and the lines of the people talking on the scenes are not really heard.

but i was glad that the music and the sounds aldrin used on it made us 3rd in the Best in Sounds and Effects category of the cinemapua awards. the only problem present really was the volume after all. so still, kudos to our creative editor. ^_^


there was a scene in the clip that before the client hand out the money to the greedy employee, someone should take a snapshot of what's happening in the agency. then the client who gave the money will go out.

well, it was done reversely. the client handed out the money then stood up, then the clip on a guy taking photos on the "under-the-table"transactions, then the exit of the client. it was done all wrong!

i told aldrin about it on the first edited entry. and also he said yes in editing the scene. but it was still not edited the way i wanted to be.


we were told (and i really knew this by heart) that each entry should only be 10 minutes long at the maximum, no more.

that's why i was surprised upon knowing that we have a 13-minute long entry from aldrin himself. i was like "can they accept it" or "what if it will be disqualified due to the length". i was going on a hiatus with this stuff.

as fortunately, we were accepted in the fest. and gladly we made it to the top 5 slots. so there.

the committee of this year's cinemapua was not that strict, i supposed. :D


basically, those are the things that i really wanted to point out. i was not the editor of the clip and as much as i could i want it to be as perfect as it could be. but still, nothing in this world is perfect and we're bounded to have imperfections at all times so there.

this cinemapua is a great gift from Above. it really marked the end of my days with the slhs subjects. i really didn't expect that our entry will be in the top 5 entries for this year's fest. even so, i am not expecting that we will win 3rd place in the categorires of Best in Prod. Design, Best in Sounds and Effects, and Best in Supporting Actress.

so much blessings in disguise after the trials we have experienced. i offer this work of art in You Lord :)

and before i end this post of mine, i just want to thank the following people:

our professor, Maria Teresa Trinidad. though you kept on bugging and pressuring me (and even came to the point that i was totally pissed off with you) you still there to support us and gave us many points to be credited on our grades. hehe :D

the whole Rzl10 (AT6) class. well, this was our last slhs subject and though not all of us became close to one another i still thank you for the good times and the memories we spent together, especially in the making of our rushed cinemapua entry. we have overcome all trials given before us and we will still be able to overcome those that are paved in our ways. well, in our own ways that is. :D

my bff Mary Frances Rubio. well, you just don;t know how thankful i am for having you as a friend. you gave me points to consider on our cinemapua entry. even gave me words of wisdom (oi section natin nung 2nd yr. hs! LOL) and some other things that even i couldn't express openly. the time we had in megamall, while waiting for you bonamana album was fantastic. wish we could hang out again just like that. and more gala please? :D

my AB family. your continuous support from my back helps me to achieve the goals that i want to have. you're too many to mention so i just generalized everyone here. thank you for being there always and forever. :)

with this, the cinemapua fest hiatus has come to an end. thank you everyone for the time. really really appreciated it. :)

♥ ~a secret makes a woman, woman.~ ♥