on cinemapua entry

one of these days, if i am not busy, i will post all my comments and reactions on the entry that we had in our school's cinemapua short film entry.

as the director of the short film, i was really disappointed on how our work was edited. the edits were great but there are some factors that didn't satisfy me.

upon seeing the entry awhile ago in the avr made me realized that if i was the one who edited it, it might be a simple yet extravagant production. i am not against great sound or graphic effects but it must be suited with the material and the story.

i will first upload the entry in my youtube account then will proceed with my evaluation on the edited entry.

well, don't get me wrong. as far as i could, i want everything to be at least better than better but not always best. i know that nothing is perfect in this world but we could try to be at least near the perfection that we wanted.

i'll update you guys with the video. i might do it in a day or two. will be busy with lots of final tests for this term.

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