i've got a follower!!!

...and i'm soooo glad for it.

i wasn't able to notice it until now that i began to fix some details on this blog.

my dear readers esp. those from the multiply network, don't get confused with what i've written here. some of them are meant for blogspot. others are for multiply. it's just a matter of easy-access to the blogspot account that i'm able to blog all my thoughts here.

so where am i again?

there. i got a freakingly great follower! and i wasn't able to notice it until now. :D

to my dear follower Oroshi, thank you for the following. and i'm so sorry for just noticing it now. i don't know when did you start following me nor why on earth you had an interest with all my thoughts, but from the bottom of my heart, i thank you. :)

really. i was soooo glad. it was a first time for me that a stranger had appreciated all the posts i've put in here. it just shows that even though i'm a nobody in the blogging world, still somebody notice me and follows me back. :)

my friends were telling me that my blog was so bright (well, still pertaining to the blogspot account) for its theme was soooo yellow-ish, which i really really liked. i made it through a template maker for blogspot you know. that's why i was even shocked that a total stranger had liked the simple but real-me lay-out that i have in here. thank you again, Oroshi :)

sooo here you go. from now on, i'll keep on posting updates in english as my follower is a citizen of jeddah, saudi arabia. but still i'll continue posting my thoughts in my own language. still it depends on my mood. hehe. :D

♥ ~a secret makes a woman, woman.~ ♥