feels like insomnia ah ahh ahhhh

"Because i can't sleep til you're next to me 
No i can't live without you no more (without you no more) 
Oh i stay up til you're next to me (to me) 
Til this house feels like it did before (Because it) 
Feels like insomnia ah ah, Feels like insomnia ah ah 
Feels like insomnia ah ah (Ah), Feels like insomnia ah ah"
- Insomnia (Craig David)

hello philippines and hello world! ^_^

insomnia had attacked me again. thanks to the sap project that i did for 13 hours straight since last night at 6.00 pm. =____=

oh how i hate to stay up until this time, where everyone is starting to wake up, i am just about to have my doze of sleep.

i know that i am more of a night person but this lifestyle is making me insane!

i don't want to work for some thing that would require me not having any sleep at all.

though i am a night person, still i am a sleepy head.

i am like a child who needs to have at least 6 hours in order for me to function very very well.

who doesn't need any sleep at all huh?

gosh. ==_____==;;;;;;

i hope that i would able to wake up later at 1.00 pm in order for me to attend the mass.

and now, would you permit me to say bye bye now? my eyes are really wanting to have its most-awaited sleep.

so till then, oyasumi nasai minna to ohayou gozaimasu! ^*^

♥ ~a secret makes a woman, woman.~ ♥