of chocolates and snow cones

instead of attending our last class of the day ('coz our law class was cancelled early this morning and our accounting class was cancelled last monday), we (i, kat, selle, and joanna) decided to check out the chocolate store near our school.

i just heard it from kat that there is this one particular chocolate store that offers mouthwatering, irresistible, sweetest form of sin. she told us that it was her cousin who mentioned the store's name to her.

so here it is. welcome to Chocolate Fire! :)

it was located along l. p. leviste cor. rufino sts. in makati. near to it are the makati sports club, lyceum of the philippines makati branch (you just have to cross the street), makati medical center (around 200-300 meters) and of course, our campus. :D

we checked our what they are offering. of course, it's full of chocolates of all kinds and shapes.

they have the ones in mini shapes just like these ones:D

these are the choco bars :D sorry for the low quality image :D

they also have chocolates on the sticks :D

and not to mention, for those who love fruits and chocolates at the same time, they do have dipped fruits on choco syrups :D

don't worry they don't have strawberries only. they also have oranges, and some other fruits. :D

they also serve italian gelato in which i really really would like to try but my budget is not enough. hehe. :| :D

joanna, kat, and roselle bought something for them. they bought some small-sized chocolates while the two (kat and joanna) ordered a vanilla-flavoured shakes. they do serve drinks and beverages there. :D

we made a face out of it. hahahaha XD pardon us :D

the place is of modern set-up. it's ambiance is cozy and very relaxing. i think that it will be a great place for small talks and meetings. they also have space on the 2nd floor.

nice place isn't it? and don't you worry about the crew. they are well-mannered and very accommodating. especially the australian owner who happened to offer us some seats in the couch and brought the wood chairs to our place. thank you sir! :D

after our feast in the chocolate land, we went to glorietta 4 to comsume the remaining timezone loads that was saved for me. sang 3 songs over the music box, then played at the basketball area for the remaining pesos. don't worry, i don't have pics. :D

after that, we decided to go on our separate ways. but upon seeing this giant snow cone being held by a lday coming from the directions of sm makati, we decided to take a look at it. and we were amazed! it was sooo big that i myself can;t hold of not buying it. haha! XD

i got myself a grape-flavoured snow cone. yum! :D

kat and roselle each had green apple and bubble gum flavors.

joanna didn't buy one for it was prohibited in the mrt. that's why we let her hold ours. :D

then after buying, we really went on our own ways. but actually, joanna was the one who got separated from us. the three of us rode the same jeepney going home, with kat returning to mapua for her ss11 class. :D

so much for this day's adventure. i'll be looking forward to the day of our return in chocolate fire. and i will buy something on that day :D

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