How many languages do you speak?

included din ba yung conversastional jap, korean, and some chinese? if so, 5

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

What's your favorite season of the year?

actually winter yun kasi yung season nung pinanganak ako pero since walang ganun sa 'pinas, summer :)

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

What's the most delicious meal you've ever had?

kahit ano naman masarap sa akin eh. ;D

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

If you won a million dollars what would you do with it?

iimpok sa bangko yung 3/4, yung 1/4 panggastos wehehehehe ;D

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

pano mo idedescribe sa bulag ung kulay? example, color green.. pano mo eexplain sa kanila ung green? :))

ayos na tanong yan ah. mahirap yun for sure. di ko alam kung pano

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD


ask and it shall be answered LOL XD http://formspring.me/angelbeatahlele

What's your favorite genre of music?

J-Pop, K-Pop, C-Pop, OPM

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

If you could only listen to one song for the next month, which would it be?

hmmmm. i wonder about that

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Are you a morning or night person?

night. pero i do like mornings ;D

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

What was your favorite book as a child?

the secret garden, the little prince by antoine de sainte exupery , ye gods and goddesses by w. h. d. rouse

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

What was the worst job you've ever had?

counting inventory :S

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

If you could eliminate one thing you do each day in the bathroom so you never had to do it again, what would it be?

pagtunganga sa banyo :))

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Would you rather be a zombie or a mummy?

mummy na lang. :S

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD


What was the happiest moment in your life?

being able to live my life in my own way

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

an extrovert :)

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

What was your favorite movie as a child?

sarah ang munting prinsesa, the little mermaid

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Would you rather have the ability to fly, or the ability to breathe underwater?

breathe underwater. i'm an ocean girl kasi eh, though i would loved to fly too :D

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Who was the best boss you've ever had?

Him (Jesus Christ) :)

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

If you could be invited to one person's birthday party, whose would it be?

the one's nearing is joe cheng's so i'll choose him :D

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Would you rather vacation at the beach or in the mountains?

sa beach

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD


Where'd you find out about formspring.me?

thru facebook.

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

If you could ask George W. Bush one question what would it be?

why george bush? why not obama? hmmmmm. WHY GEORGE WHY???? ~labo~

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

If you won a $1,000 shopping spree for any store, which store would you pick?

really not a brand-conscious person. pero i'll choose kamiseta dahil gaganda ng mga damit dun

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Who inspires you the most?

friends, some senpais, people around me, and my dreams

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

What's the best place near you to get a pizza?

3 eh. shakey's maysilo, greenwich maysilo din at el buono boni. pwede na din ang pizza hut kaso by delivery na yun hehe. ay pati yellow cab sa makati ave haha

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Do you believe in angels?

yes. and i am one :)

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

What was the best advice you've ever received?

"dancing could wait. studies won't. focus on your studies for now then anytime you can return to dancing" -not really the exact words but the sense was like this... from ate pam :)

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Who's the sexiest man alive?

hmmmm brad pitt? ewan

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Would you rather date a lot of different people, or be in a committed relationship?

in a committed relationship :)

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD


What are you most excited about right now?

BONAMANA! haha (though di akin yun at napagod ako ng sobra dahil dun)

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

What TV show makes you laugh the loudest?

sa ngayon, it's banana split.

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Who's the sexiest woman alive?

ako? JOKE :DD for me, it's angelina jolie (oops, lapit na sa angelie oh LOL)

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

What household chore do hate to do the most?

general clean-ups. really tiring and exhausting

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

What kind of music can you just not stand to listen to?

hard-core rock. tipong sasabog na eardrums ko not because of music but because of the noise they make

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

What's the best place near you to get a drink?

drink na as in water? sa baba, kitchen namin. aside from sodas and water and juices and teas, i don't drink.

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Do you believe in ghosts?


ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Who's the most talented person you know?

amor? ewan. dami kasi nun surprises eh :))

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

If you were given a brand new yacht, what would you name it?

yacht-chan? :)) idk. it depends :))

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

If you had the opportunity to live one year of your life over again, which year would you choose?

4th year HS. it super duper rocks. :)

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

What's the most unselfish thing you've ever done?

saying yes in everything though i can't do them all

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

What was the worst concert you went to?

hmmm. idk. i'm not of a concert girl eh

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

If you were offered the job of U.S. president would you take the job?


ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

it's either sarah angelie or caroline angelie.

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Would you rather swim in a pool or the ocean?

ocean, with lotsa fishies and coral reefs :D ~i'm an ocean girl~

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Would you rather vacation at the beach or in the mountains?

beach syempre. mountain trips are not a vacation for me. they're adventure trips :D

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Would you rather work at a large company or a small one?

it depends on the nature of business

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

Are you afraid of dying?

no. im afraid of dying the unnatural way

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

bat ka gumawa ng account?

out of boredom. at the same time out of curiosity. bawal po baaaa?

ask and it shall be answered LOL XD

If you could go only to one restaurant for the next five years, which would it be?

mahirap na tanong. :| jollibee? XDD

Ask me anything

If your house was on fire and you could only grab three things, what would they be?

laptop and its charger, cellphones, important papers that mama has told me to take care of

Ask me anything

What one thing are you exceptionally good at?

sleep? haha and also eat XDD

Ask me anything


ask and it shall be answered LOL XD http://formspring.me/angelbeatahlele


ask and it shall be answered LOL XD http://formspring.me/angelbeatahlele


of chocolates and snow cones

instead of attending our last class of the day ('coz our law class was cancelled early this morning and our accounting class was cancelled last monday), we (i, kat, selle, and joanna) decided to check out the chocolate store near our school.

i just heard it from kat that there is this one particular chocolate store that offers mouthwatering, irresistible, sweetest form of sin. she told us that it was her cousin who mentioned the store's name to her.

so here it is. welcome to Chocolate Fire! :)

it was located along l. p. leviste cor. rufino sts. in makati. near to it are the makati sports club, lyceum of the philippines makati branch (you just have to cross the street), makati medical center (around 200-300 meters) and of course, our campus. :D

we checked our what they are offering. of course, it's full of chocolates of all kinds and shapes.

they have the ones in mini shapes just like these ones:D

these are the choco bars :D sorry for the low quality image :D

they also have chocolates on the sticks :D

and not to mention, for those who love fruits and chocolates at the same time, they do have dipped fruits on choco syrups :D

don't worry they don't have strawberries only. they also have oranges, and some other fruits. :D

they also serve italian gelato in which i really really would like to try but my budget is not enough. hehe. :| :D

joanna, kat, and roselle bought something for them. they bought some small-sized chocolates while the two (kat and joanna) ordered a vanilla-flavoured shakes. they do serve drinks and beverages there. :D

we made a face out of it. hahahaha XD pardon us :D

the place is of modern set-up. it's ambiance is cozy and very relaxing. i think that it will be a great place for small talks and meetings. they also have space on the 2nd floor.

nice place isn't it? and don't you worry about the crew. they are well-mannered and very accommodating. especially the australian owner who happened to offer us some seats in the couch and brought the wood chairs to our place. thank you sir! :D

after our feast in the chocolate land, we went to glorietta 4 to comsume the remaining timezone loads that was saved for me. sang 3 songs over the music box, then played at the basketball area for the remaining pesos. don't worry, i don't have pics. :D

after that, we decided to go on our separate ways. but upon seeing this giant snow cone being held by a lday coming from the directions of sm makati, we decided to take a look at it. and we were amazed! it was sooo big that i myself can;t hold of not buying it. haha! XD

i got myself a grape-flavoured snow cone. yum! :D

kat and roselle each had green apple and bubble gum flavors.

joanna didn't buy one for it was prohibited in the mrt. that's why we let her hold ours. :D

then after buying, we really went on our own ways. but actually, joanna was the one who got separated from us. the three of us rode the same jeepney going home, with kat returning to mapua for her ss11 class. :D

so much for this day's adventure. i'll be looking forward to the day of our return in chocolate fire. and i will buy something on that day :D

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tips for a better voting process

in less than 7 hours the whole nation will exercise the highest form of democratic action. we wanted change so we waited for 6 long years for this. and this change will be happening soon if we all are vigilant enough in choosing the right leaders.

we always hear in the radios, watch on the televisions, read from the newspapers and even tweets, some qualifications in choosing the right and rightful one. it is a tough decision for all of us for our future depends on who will occupy the palace along the pasig river.

there are many qualifications that we must find for "the one". but i admit that no individual possesses all of the characteristics we are looking for. it is such a shame that those were scattered among men who were dying to take the topmost position in our land.

but let's leave that topic in a far-away land.

what brings me here in this blogsite of mine is some useful tips in voting tomorrow. i say these personally for i am one of he people who will safeguard the decisions of the many.


this is a must-know tip. the ballots nowadays are very sensitive that even a single drop of sweat can make it invalid. please do bring some handkerchiefs or face towels if you're sweating a lot. don't put any drinks near the desk as to where you'll be sitting in while shading out the ballots. and don't forget that never, ever bring any form of liquids while inside the polling precinct. the BEIs and other election officers (including me of course) won't let you enter once you possess drinks with you.


not just liquids but all things are prohibited in the polling precinct. if you happened to bring something with you on your designated precinct, your things will be left in the holding area while having your turn in the polling precinct. if you happened to have a companion, better leave your things to him/her to secure your things. you might never know when thieves will start attacking.


some might say that ids won't be useful. we say not! we will check your information through the data we have so please, bring some ids with you. the acceptable valid ids are the following: school/employee's id, philippine-issued passport, driver's license, sss/gsis/any goverment-related ids, voter's id. you can also bring the claiming stub of your voter's id to verify that you really registered for tomorrow's election.


it's not like saying "don't vote anymore". we're implying that since tomorrow a large number of people are expected to vote we're giving out some numbers in order to have some people on-hold in one area while some people (10 at most) will be voting. the rest can first return to their homes until such time that the first crowd are done.


don't slack off around the precinct centers. just as i've said, people are expected to come for the whole day. we don't want the precinct centers to be really crowded thus making the venue very hot. though we do have medical and police assistance on standby, we don;t want any casualties such as nausea and collapse due to heat. we just want you to be safe and healthy.


watch the news. listen to the radio. update yourself on the internet. though we make you go away from the precinct doesn't mean that you can't be of service to us. be vigilant to people who are trying to vote-buy someone. also, if you happened to see some anomalies going on, you can also approach us or even the police and report directly to them. through this, you can help safeguarding our precious votes in your own ways.


"cheating is bad" or so they say. but this time, cheating is allowed. well, it's not really cheating. we are allowing your to have some papers with you as long as the ones written there are your bets. it will make you vote faster and easily. but don't try to bring some campaign paraphernalia of your bets as if you're campaigning for them.


but if you really do need them (just like you put your bets on it), we will allow you to enter the polling precinct provided that it will be in a silent mode so as not to disturb the other voters. you don't own the whole are, do you?


there some parts of the ballots that we should shade-in multiple times and there are some that are needed once. please do read the number of alloted shades for each part. the ballot won't be read by the machines if it has too much shades (e.g. there are 2 shades for the presidentiables instead of only one). but the machine will read the ballots if you shaded less than what was stated (e.g. instead of shading 13 circles for the senatoriables, you only shaded 11). so please do read your ballots carefully.


our ballots are very sensitive. marks other than the shaded circles will make it an invalid one. so please be careful in filling out the circles. try to shade it from the outside to the inside, and not the opposite.

time has come to exercise our rights. so don't hesitate to use it wisely. these tips will help you for tomorrow's bout. please do remember these things to make our life easy.

always remember that it's better to vote for someone you believe in rather than not at all. please do choose wisely and vote morally for our future's sake.

we from the BEI will do everything to secure your decisions, our decisions, for with these sheets of paper lie our future. we also need your fullest cooperation with these matters. so please, being redundant as i can, do follow these tips.

and don't forget to pray for today's election. pray to our Almighty God that He will guide us in any way He could. pray that change is near to our land. 'coz prayers do alot.

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one great gala day

this is one great day! not only that i was able to meet my bff faye again but also got the chance to hang-out with my mapuan friends kat, selle, and ef.

though it's a typical gala for us 4, the one i had with bff was really different. we just hanged around the mall, buy foods and foods endlessly (though we also stopped at one point ^^;;) and go here and there in diff. shops we came acrossed.

i actually started this day early, having being woke up at around 7.30 a.m. but due to my laziness, i stood up from the bed at around 8.00 a.m. but i did my morning habits right away. supposed to be i'll be leaving at around 9.30 a.m. but due to some circumstances, i left the house at around 10.00 a.m., our assumed time of meeting, as agreed by bff . with fate playing some tricks on me, i arrived at sm megamall at around 11.30 a.m. thanks to endless motorcades of manadaluyong city's candidates for local position under the lakas-kampi cmd party. funny enough, i saw one of the running councelor doc alex sta.. maria as i wait for a jeepney to robinson's (formerly sogo home center). he then waved his hands on me 'coz he saw me taking some pictures of his convoys. little did he know that i'm planning to report it to boto mo patrol mo. but i've changed my mind. haha!

here's the picture i'm talking about. you can see doc sta. maria in his yellow-and-green top above his truck...

lucky for him that i've changed my mind in reporting his activities now that the election campaigns should have been ended last night. but i don't blame him. last night, as the lakas-kampi cmd had having their meeting de avance in saniboy multi-purpose center (a stone throw place around my crib), the electricity went out. and it went on for 4 hours or more. unlucky for me is that while i was riding the jeep to sogo, traffic had struck the roads i'm on. that's why it took me 1.50 hours to go to sm megamall than having a 30-minute swift journey. -___-

upon arriving at sm megamall, i immediately looked for faye. then we headed right away to bdo megamall branch for her payment for her order. what could that order be? that's something faye should be saying first. ;D

after that we headed for odyssey music store in 1st level to look out for SuJu's Marry Me corner. we find it good but DongHae's standee was not around. that made faye feel disappointed. that's why we went outside of the store after looking around. and oh! i saw SNSD's albums. i saw their 1st, Girls' Generation, the mini album Genie and the 2nd album Oh!. but to my dismay, the 1st mini-album Gee was not there :'(

here's our pictures while in odyssey ;D

though it would be great if we had the chance to have our photos takes with the standee of SuJu, we left for the crowd's getting bigger and DongHae (faye's fave among the 13 boys) wasn't around. so we kicked off to our lunch aka merienda time in sm food court. :D

we weren't able to indulge ourselves in foods right away for we had some trouble choosing our food. we first looked for something small in package but can fill our stomaches already. then we looked for something dessert-like (just like razon's halo-halo but upon seeing the price we backed-out haha). then we looked for something different. after so much deliberation (and our hungry stomaches had enough waiting already) we decided to have a feast on the shabu-shabu express. :D

faye had squid rolls while i had a squid tofu. both tasted great! we ordered it with the noodles. good thing that the soup is the delicious chicken soup. it made our tummies full already! though we still wanted to have some siomai from the siomai house, our tummies said no hahaha! :))

here's our little feast :D

the one on the left is my squid tofu with chili sauce and soy sauce on a chicken soup. on the right is faye's plain squid rolls on a chicken soup. both were squids. we just chose them on-the-spot haha! :))

after this food trip, we went to bioresearch and comic alley to look for some "saleable" items. in bioresearch we looked onto some hamsters on display. they're terribly cute! faye was thinking on having an additional ham-ham (our term for hamsters hehe) as her pet. she do have some ham-hams at home. we saw how the caretakers put the ham-hams on their cages and how they sort the ham-hams out. we also observed how they managed to distinguish the genders of the ham-hams.

in comic alley, our usual stop whenever we're at a mall, we just looked for some anime and movie dvds worth watching. we also looked for some asian pop cds on sale. but we didn't buy anything.

here's some of our photos in bioresearch :D

manong caretaker had stolen the limelight from us. hmp! LOL :P

while looking out on what manong caretaker is doing at that time, we both saw some rabbits looking at faye in a hateful way. they seemed to be annoyed over faye looking at the ham-hams. haha!

here are the pics with faye's encounter with the bully rabbits! :P :D

the rabbits kept on ignoring faye until we left the facility. haha XD

after the bioresearch and comic alley hopping, we moved to national bookstore in order for her to buy the stuffs she needs. then after that we both headed for the cinemas where the 3 girls were waiting. actually, selle and kat were the first ones to arrive there. ef just followed. i introduced faye to selle and kat, and so was to ef. then the same to her. after that, faye left while us 4 girls went inside the cinema 4 to watch iron man 2. oh yeah!

i can't post pics while watching the film 'coz i don't have any. :)) but i do have some pics after the film, while waiting for the movie trailers to show. did i mention that while watching the film i and faye messaged each other? i didn't? oh well. we did message each other. haha!

after the movie us 4 girls went on playing some dj-mix-type of game in the cinema lobby area of sm megamall. i spent php20 in order for us to play in my round. the game was good but it made our fingers ache! haha!

after that, i did some photo ops with the iron man himself. though it was not the real thing. haha. look at the results :D

LOL-ng with the last picture. hahahaha. i guess being me really showed off in every picture that i have. hahahaha XDD

after this, we headed for some stores to shop. actually i wasn't the one who bought anything. it was roselle and kat. it was for the mothers' day celebration later. i didn't bought anything. food is enough for mama. hahaha XDD

after buying, we headed to ahve our dinner. but instead of ordering some heavy meals, i chose rocky road ice cream. i just want to have some dessert 'coz i have food in here. that's why roselle and i resorted in taking pictures of ourselves. well, it's more of me taking my pictures and her. haha.

here's some of the pics... :D

see how we ruined my phone? hahahaha XDD

after eating out in jollibee, we decided to part ways 'coz it's getting late already. i took the fx ride to kalentong while roselle and ef went to the mrt station. kat had her own fx ride to cainta.

though it was tiring, this day is full of fun. i got to enjoy my day with friends from diff. parts of my life. though the introductions were very short i hope they won't forget each other's faces. haha XDD

i hope more gala like this will come through my way. it's great to share the day with the people i loved the most. :)

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thinking again if...

i feel like changing the username of my blogger account again...

do you have any suggestions? comments?

feel free to post 'em up. :D

i feel that it's not appropriate for me to use those words anymore. on the contrary, i just want to add something...

i don't know with myself... :|

please do comment... it'll be greatly appreciated :)

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