let's read mangas! XD

a part of Detective Conan's latest chapter: Chapter 732 p. 12

reading manga has becoming a daily routine for me. i can't stand a day without reading a chapter or two of my favorite ones and can't stop from reading other highly-recommended ones.

i really don't know how i got into reading them. maybe it's out of curiosity and suspense with how my friends are sharing stories about some manga titles. but the more correct answer would be i under the influence of the anime fever.

throughout the years, i was really hooked into watching animes without any realization that they're from mangas. when i learned about it i started to read the mangas and watch the episodes of the same title. it's to distinguish as to what appears on the manga and was not on the anime and vice versa.

there are many titles that i am patronizing and some of them are still incomplete just like Naruto, Detective Conan by which is now 14 yrs old already, Hitman Reborn by which is i think 4-5 years old by now, and so on and so forth.

why read manga of all kinds of literature? one thing's for sure: the action and the suspense of reading the work and at the same time seeing how the story (and the figures) progresses is really great. i may be a frustrated artists but i still patronize those that can satisfy my cravings for artistry and action.

i am really thankful for all mangakas and their assistants for continuing their works. i will still continue to read your works. :)

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