hi there blog world! ;)

you know what, i miss you so much :\

i left you here for months, all alone... i am sorry for that.

honestly speaking, all the things that i'm about to write down here are now gone.

i can't believe that. :(

you can also blame twitter for tempting me to have an account. itt's like telling a story for blog within 140 characters. and it's pretty damn easy. :D
but from now on, me gonna update you as much as possible... maybe having 250 characters aren't bad, right? :D

for now imma collect all the lost stories, put them together (if i could) and tell them to you again. :D

is that alrighty? :D

i'll be back with lots of stories ne?

jaa ne bloggy. :D

♥ ~a secret makes a woman, woman.~ ♥