i've been skipping a beat and it's all good! :)

have you heard anything about the manga Skip Beat!?

i'm telling this now for it is the new manga series that i currently hooked on, aside from the normal addictions in the names of Naruto, Detective Conan, and Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

the only denominator for those three is that they're all bishounen manga. that is, mangas where boys are the lead stars.

i admit that i'm more into bishounen mangas for the intensity and the adventure are commonly found in those types. but i do read bishoujo ones.

in fact i have some bishoujo mangas as favorites. some were Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge and the all-time fave of mine, Itazura na Kiss, which was not finished due to the untimely death of Kaoru-sama. T___T

but since i've become lazy to re-read all the chapters in Naruto, and i'm still waiting updates for Detective Conan and Hitman Reborn, i resorted into reading a new kind of manga.

actually, before reading Skip Beat!, i was reading No Bra. it is somehow a mature-type shounen manga. but i just can't help not to laugh with the scenes. hehe. :D

going back to Skip Beat!, i always hear it from my friends who are also into mangas and they admit that it was good. i checked it out and surprisingly, it was awesome!

the story evolves around Mogami Kyouko who was then a highschool drop-out from Kyoto. she worked very hard just to please Fuwa SHou, her childhood friend and an aspiring musician.

everything was okay, so as to think. but later one day, Kyouko then found out that he was just being used by Shou to be his maid so that he will not worry about his food or his clothes.

knowing that, Kyouko promised to get revenge to SHou by entering the world of entertainment. but she doesn't have any interest of it.

that's why she persuaded Sawara, a talent manager from LME Productions, to let her be in the auditions for casting. many judges were amazed by her but she then was removed at the 2nd test.

but it didn't stop her from persuading the production firm. later then the president of LME told her that she can be part of the company by being the first member of the Love Me Section, which was for me, is a very cool department.

as the story goes, one can see that she has developed some kind of respect-turned-liking for Tsuraga Ren, Japan's top male celebrity. at first, their relationship is not good but Ren did develop a feeling towards Kyouko when he learnt something about her. what was it? It's for you to find it out. hehe. :D

then another love interst came in the form of Reino, a member of Vie Ghoul band (Kyouko calls them BEAGLE). how the story goes? just find it out too. :))

unfortunately, the manga is not yet finished as of this moment. even i was soooooo into it that when i've reached the last page of the recently-added chapter, i wa slike, NOOOOOOO! IT CAN'T BEEEE! O_O :(((((((

but good thing that an update will come on the 5th of march. hehe. :D

so for now i will just wait pateintly, as i've did to other mangas that i'm into, and see how things will work between all the cast of Skip Beat!. :D

btw, i forgot to mention that this manga is currently undergoing a planning stage to be adopted into a drama series. it will be done by the taiwanese people, and as far as i'm updated, it will be my idol Ariel Lin who's going to be Kyouko-chan and somehow-cool Jerry Yan as Ren-kun.

oh i love to see that version. but i'm anticipating the manga first for the developments. hehe. :'D

so let's all wait in vain for the coming of the good mangas.

i so love mangas. if i could, i will live in them. haha. XD



i have a new shounen crush..........

his name is................


he rocks. hahahahaha. XD

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japan has taken my breath away


that's how you say GOOD MORNING in japanese. and it's a very common greeting to every person who's into japanese culture.

why am i starting this blog in a japanese way? 'coz 私は日本の愛! oh yeah! XD

i myself don't know when exactly did i start liking that particular culture or what made me like it. but as far as i could remember, it was way beyond my reason.

thanks to the cartoons and songs and comics that i like, my passion for japanese stuffs grew as years went by. hehe :D

though there are many people like everything about japan, many people, especially the old ones, despise the japanese people for what they've done in the past. they tried to conquer many parts of asia pacific in order to group us into one economic zone: the greater east asia co-prosperity sphere. before i think that plan was really bad. but as i grew up, i then realized that somehow i would have brought something good for us too. but i won't tackle it for now. :D

anyways, enough with that. past is past. we can do nothing about it except to learn from it.

as i've said, i really, really like the japanese culture. hontou hontou ni!

it has taken my breath away, more than a boy could have ever done to me. yaaay -^_^-

it was my first love. japan has always stayed in my heart. and whenever i am sad, i just think of it, and poof! i am happy again. weeee <3

i don't know why or how should i put it, but i was really amazed on how they can preserve their traditions and showcase their cultures to people. i know that we filipinos also do those things but, i am totally speechless and was amazed on their ways.

i've seen many docu films related to japan and their culture and by watching it it feels like i'm one of them.

that's why i am really hoping before that i was a japanese. i really hoped for that.

that's why when i had a chance to have some j-pop and j-rock music with me, i began to learn them as soon as i could. honestly, at first it was hard but later on i got used to it.

maybe for other people this is just pure addiction and crazy stuffs. i admit that i am really addicted and captivated by it but i'm sure learning those stuffs will benefit me in the near future.

i was planning to work there after graduation, have a house there, reside and live forever in the land of sakura and ramen.

any work for me will do as long as it will make me a japanese citizen. haha XD

but for now, the only thing that i could do in preparation for those dreams is to learn the language. yes, i am learning the language.

it's simply by watching subbed animes over the net and reading mangas though they're scanned and translated at the same time.

i just really really hope that in the years to come, i would spend my days in japan, my dream land. ^^

JAPAN, just always wait for meeeee. :]

♥ ~a secret makes a woman, woman.~ ♥