tayo ay magdiwang! weeee XD

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suppppppperrrr happy evening to all! :)

it's been a month or two since i last blogged in. i'm so sorry for that. i've been busy for quite some time. :D

the reason that i am blogging again for this moment is for my 3rd year 2nd term grades. finally they are out!

i am not really anticipating to know them but i HAVE to. it will determine my future. as an accounting student. STILL. or not.

now, let me present to you all the fruit of my labour for this term. the factors-to-be-considered to be able to stay still as an accounting student. MY GRADES for 3rd year 2nd term. :D :D

Weighted Average:   2.10

honestly speaking, this is the lowest wga that i ever had. well, without having any 5s on it. the first one i got a line of 2 in wga is 2nd year 1st term grades in which i had a 5 in my act121 subject. as far as i could remember it was 2.35 or something. i'll better check my previous blog for that. :D

there are pros and cons in having these grades. i had achieved a grade of 2.25 for act125, which we have a quota grade of 2.50. thank God i got a grade within the quota grade. i really had a hard time with my act subject this term. it was the final volume of valix and peralta's financial accounting books. and i admit i was almost gave up but until the last minute i fought the fight. and i am really really thankful for the grade. the only problem is that "CAN I STILL PASS AND HAVE A GRADE THAT IS INCLUDED IN THE QUOTA  THE NEXT ACCOUNTING SUBJECTS IN THE FUTURE TERMS???"

correction pala... according to the blog i've posted a year ago, my wga for 2nd year 1st term was 3.10. way way lower than 2.10... ay weyt... 1.00 lang ang difference. gosh! O_O

the grades in eng13 and psy10 are not that important to me. why? i really don't like the lessons. swear! even eng13. though it IS helpful in many ways, i just don't like the way our prof gave us tons and tons of schoolworks. it is as if eng13 is a major subject. regarding to psy10, i just don't want to focus on it that much. hehe. sounds like i am a lazy student. well, in fact I AM LAZY in some subjects that didn't interest me. :D

wow. the grades for law113 and ss10 was terrific! i got a 1.75 for each. i really worked hard to earn that grade. why? they are some of the subjects that i am interested to learn! really. i am an aspiring law student (hopefully) in the future. and learning these laws and articles on the constitution of our country makes my heart beat faster. :D i actually expected a lower grade for law113 'coz i knew to myself that i didn't do well in the finals. regarding ss10, somehow i did great in all the exams. i just had lots and lots of absences due to the fact that sometimes it was the only subject that i have to attend to. I NOW ADMIT THAT I AM A LAZY STUDENT! hahaha XD

good things really come this year. :) and i really thank God for this. :)

but before i had this joyous feeling, i am pissed off with the MyMapua server. it really sucks at these times. instead of having a fast server it keeps on slowing and slowing down until the user gets tired of it. to think they always boast this online sectioning thingy to new enrollees... hay...

but since i am happy now i won't curse that server for now. we'll meet again in tuesday, in line with the online sectioning for my subjects this coming term.

IT REALLY IS A HAPPY NEW YEAR for me. i hope things will get better and better. :D

and i hope that i could be back in the dancefloor again. soon! :)