farewell to you :(

transition is indeed needed in order to grow up and mature.

hello dear friends and loves. :)

i would like to announce to everybody that i have my new account ready to use it from now on.

this will be the last blog that i'll be doing in this account.

it has been almost 4 years ago since i first set-up this account.

i must hate to say it but, i'll be leaving this account for good.

there are many reasons why i have to leave this account but i won't narrate it anymore.

it is hard for me to leave something that i have used for almost 4 years. but we must move on. I MUST MOVE ON.

words can't express the feelings i have inside. i guess i need to talk to my account first...


my dear 1st account,

happy new year to you my love! it's just been some days ago since i last logged on to you.

i know that you already know that i'm about to leave you alone in this cold, lonely environment. it;s hard for me to let you go, i must tell you that. but, as some have said, "Life moves on". i couldn't cling to you forever as if i were still a young, immature being.

it has been 4 years full of fun and excitement as i used you in expressing my thoughts, broadcasting my activities and vanities, and proudly showing to the whole wide web who the heck i am. but in order to be more mature than before, i must leave some things behind, even though they ARE good things.

i am already saddened by this departure from your side. you don't have any flaws. in fact i really, really like your company with me. it's just that... gosh, sorry. i can't really express them in words. :(

i hope you understand why i have to do this. it's for the sake of both of us. don;t worry, i'll visit you. still. but i won;t be using you anymore as my primary account.

one thing that i'll promise is that you'll be having a special part in my heart and i won;t delete you of course! you have all the memories that i am longing to return to but can not.

now, i gotta end this letter of mine to you. if not, i might shed some tears in here.

i am really really sorry and i will miss you. always. :( :( :(

sincerely yours,

ma. angelie


i am grateful for those years that i have used you. i really am. take care and i'm sure i'll miss you.


from now on, please go to http://sweetbeatofangel.multiply.com for my updates. thank you and God Bless. :)