some rantings and rumblings

after freaking 9789340397273618243750943 years of not being able to access my multiply accounts i have once gained access to it again.

thanks to the smartbro connection that we have here in baliuag. it's a new internet connection here. i don't know where the problem of not gaining access to multiply occurs. if it is on the net connection or the computer itself.

in this case, it is clear that it is of the net connection.

the problem now is that i can't upload even a piece of picture here in multiply.

oh gash. i have TONS and TONS of albums to be uploaded. :( :( :(

i hope that i'll access them soon in mandaluyong. :D

by the way, it's the term break for us mapuans. but it feels like not for me, being one of the student council of ety-sbm.

i already posted my grades for the term ended. you can view i on my blogspot account or my other multiply account. i just don;t know why i am able to cross-post my blogs from this accout to those two accounts and not able to do the same if i blog down from the blogspot account. the blogs are always showing on the 2nd multiply account.

oh well, towel. nothing to do much here except for uploading of pictures. but i hope the autouploader really do its job.

till here. jaa ne! ^^