i should have gone sleeping but still...

currently reading: Detective Conan Case 60


it feels like yesterday was just our finals week then today is our term break and then tomorrow will be the first day of the 2nd term. -__-;;

oh crap! i wanted to have a long, long vacation. :(

even though i'm in my junior year in mapua, i still am not used with the fast-paced quarterm system. in a blink of the eye it is the start of the term. another blink, here come the midterms. more blinks, finals. then term break.

and the cycle goes on and on and on and on...


why on earth did i enroll in such school? ^^;;

oh well towel, nothing i can do about that. if i keep on rumbling and babbling about those things i might not have a good night sleep tonight.

yeah, tonight i must have a nice sleep for tomorrow a new battle will arise. hehe.

tomorrow's a new term to finish. heck, we are just starting. haha!

good luck to me then. :)

oyasumi nasai! ^^