fortunate indeed :)

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i should have blogged this one last night but due to being so tired i wasn't able to make it.

helping others in time of crisis is really awesome! especially when you're willing to sacrifice everything in order ti help. well, not actually everything as it is. it's somehow more on the dedication and time and energy and effort and everything that lies in between those.

i was very fortunate indeed for not only my family is safe but also i have a house to go home to, a shelter to keep me safe and warm, some nice food to eat, clean water to drink, and clean clothes to wear on.

why all of a sudden i'm rumbling those? it's because i am indeed blessed in such that i overlooked it.

i joined a relief operation. i didn't expect though that our destination would be in marikina, one of the places hardly struck by typhoon ondoy (or ketsana). and i am so lucky for with me are some of the closest people i adore from the studio. i felt so secured and somehow the nervousness was gone for i am confident that they will take good care of me wherever we are.

i was so saddened by the situations we've witnesses: families lost their homes, many places are still not that accessible to the public, long queues along the roads in order to be served at the health center, cars and other equipments filled with mud and dirt, and many more.

we had a chance to give something to our fellow studio people even though we, especially myself, don't know most of them. but i removed that thought and just said to myself that "i'm here to help, recognizing them takes time after this".

we've given out goods not only to those people connected with orange. we were able to help also a barangay community. as i remembered it was brgy. barangka wherein provident village was located. oh yes, we saw that village in our eyes! and we were deeply saddened with what we saw. it looked like a ghost town at that moment.

it is then that i told to myself that we should really really be thankful for what we have. we are still very fortunate. :)

i would really like to post the pictures here but time constrains me now. i must go on with what i am currently doing.

jaa ne. :)