first week worn-out

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good morning starshine! the earth says hello again.

having my insomnia attacks? nahh. i'm just done doing and answering my act125 homework that consist of 6 problems for chapter 1 and 2 problems for chapter 2.

how far was my first week in 2nd term? TOTALLY WASTED AND TIRED. -__-;;

it was just the third day and yet i already incurred my first absence for the term, first late, and first night classes due to my act125 class. boy, we were so bored out of waiting for our classes. we have the unusual, well, usual for the mapuans especially from the act program, the 12-hour school day. good thing that we have breaks in between different classes. but still, i'm all worn out from this kind of schedule.

i really hope that all of our subject will be either from morning to noon or early afternoon or from after lunch till late afternoon or night.

oh well towel, nothing i can do about it.

as my best friend faye said, "onting tiis lang :("...

and this was always done every term. hay. :(

shocks, i'm rumbling nonsense. i must now have some rest for me to think well. :D

so, jaa ne! ^^