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konbanwa! supposed to be i'm holding on to my accounting book and should be reviewing for tomorrow's long quiz but here i am, blogging with all might.

i really don't know if i am just lazy to read the topics from my book or i just really know the lesson properly. the topic for tomorrow's quiz is accounting for income tax which i believe, as far as i know, was somehow hard to understand.

it tackles on the accounting income and taxable income, with all the income-and-expense-related objects be added or subtracted from it. the definition was not that hard to digest in my head. it is as is. but the concept gets difficult if there are some supporting statements pertaining to the permanent and/or temporary differences.

i know it's somehow difficult to digest especially if you, my dear reader, is not an accounting major. but don't worry i won't tackle much. :D

i hope it's already saturday. i badly hope for it. i really want to watch the episode (or target in its own term) 151 and read the chapter 259 of the anime/manga that i'm really hooked to now... if you're a close friend then you probably know what i'm referring to. if not, i'll give you a clue: it has a cute baby in it and its story focuses on the mafia. :D :D

oh well, so much for that. i really hope it's already saturday.

i am wondering why on earth i can't access my multiply accounts. it's with a -s 'coz i have 2 accounts to this date, one the primary, and the other one, the soon-to-be primary. i last accessed it last july but until this day i couldn't (and still) connect to its server. why oh why?

so much for the blog today. i must start reading again or else i won't have a nice grades for tomorrow's quiz. gambarimasu yo! ^^

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