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it's not an insomnia attack why i was able to rumble here again.

it's just that i slept earlier than the usual wee-hours-sleep that i always do every single night.

oh well.

i really don't have anything to do over the net.

i'll just start reading to my bio ppt again. and maybe they might make me sleep again. LOL! :D

that's for now! :)


oh my college life! :D

This is all about ur recent course in college.. ONLY COLLEGE STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO ANSWER THIS..
1.anung course mo??
BS in Accountancy...

2.Saan ka nagaaral??
sa Mapua Makati...

3.napilitan ka lng bng kunin yang course na yan?
somehow yes... :|

4.cnu nagpapaaral sau?
yung nagbibigay ng pang-tuition ay si papa. yung nagbabayad si mama. haha!

5.nageenjoy ka ba sa college lyf moh??
sabihin na nating oo na hindi na oo. labo! :))

6.e sa college barkada?
suuuper duuuper to the highest level! andyan na ang dc peeps, andyan pa ang accounting buddies. san ka pa? :))

7.first college friends?
juno, kat cruz, john, kevin, danica moises (to think di na siya bago sakin kasi since gs magkaklase na kami)

8.first college boyfriend/girlfriend?
wala pa no! :))

9.anu ung top 3 choices mo na course??
PolSci, M.E., Mass Communications

10.have u ever felt out of place sa skul moh?
siguro unang araw nung math at complus oo.

11.irreg ka ba o regular?
irreg na reg. ano daw? :))

12.may crush ka sa skul moh?
ikaw! LOL! yung duuper crush wala. pero nagkaka-crush din ako na di mo alam. :))

13.favorite subject?
ngayong college? wala ata. pwede pa economics at accounting. haha

14.sang subject ka natutulog??
honestly, SLHS subjects. sarap tulugan ng mga prof eh. :))

15.pinakahate mong subject?
SLHS subjects tapos ngayon TAX. :|

16.kilala ka ba skul mo??
somehow siguro? kasi nga DC member ako dati.

17.ever thought of taking up nursing??
never ever!

18.gusto moh bang magshift??
before yes. pero i LOOOVE ACT na eh. :))

19.anung course nman?
suntukan gusto mo?

20.do u miss ur hayskul life??

21.anung balak mong unang gawin pagkagraduate moh??
MAGPAHINGA NG ISANG TAON! hahahahaha! joke. ilang months lang siguro. then review for board. yung 2nd board ang kukunin ko.

22.xan ka nman magttrabaho??
more preferably sa airline industry gusto ko. AYAW KO SA AUDITING FIRM. nakaka-stress dun! haha!

23.do u have plans of going abroad??

24.10 years from now anu ka na??
must be a CPA-Lawyer na!

25.do u love college lyf??
oo super!

26.anung gusto mong gift ang mtnggap moh sa graduation mo?
house and lot? :)) with matching car tapos slr tapos me trip to somewhere in asia pa. naks. asa pa ako! :))

27.me bf/gf ka ba??
wala po. NBSB pa po.

28.recent school problem??
loads of homewoeksssss.

29. crush mong kaklase?
wala. sorry

30. pinakakaclose mong college frienD?
accounting buddies, at dc peeps

31. anong oras ka natutulog?
*looks at a clock* anung oras na? hahahaha!

some notes to read

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ohayou! :D

i know it's somehow late for me to blog something but i really have to do this.

beginning today, 09/16/09, all my blog and video posts from blogspot and youtube respectively will be imported to my facebook account. i really don't intent on putting something on my facebook account aside from having those tagged pictures and notes and videos. but due to the fact that i mistakenly imported all of my blogs from the blogspot account, i now must import those from youtube also since i already did it.

for the pictures, i will still hold myself from posting and posting pictures in my fb account. i will still upload them in my multiply account, that is, if it will be fixed sooner than later.

so much for that. now, will ypu excuse me for i need to have my sleep now. jaa ne! see you again desu! :D

-from blogspot account-


shishishi... :D

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konbanwa! supposed to be i'm holding on to my accounting book and should be reviewing for tomorrow's long quiz but here i am, blogging with all might.

i really don't know if i am just lazy to read the topics from my book or i just really know the lesson properly. the topic for tomorrow's quiz is accounting for income tax which i believe, as far as i know, was somehow hard to understand.

it tackles on the accounting income and taxable income, with all the income-and-expense-related objects be added or subtracted from it. the definition was not that hard to digest in my head. it is as is. but the concept gets difficult if there are some supporting statements pertaining to the permanent and/or temporary differences.

i know it's somehow difficult to digest especially if you, my dear reader, is not an accounting major. but don't worry i won't tackle much. :D

i hope it's already saturday. i badly hope for it. i really want to watch the episode (or target in its own term) 151 and read the chapter 259 of the anime/manga that i'm really hooked to now... if you're a close friend then you probably know what i'm referring to. if not, i'll give you a clue: it has a cute baby in it and its story focuses on the mafia. :D :D

oh well, so much for that. i really hope it's already saturday.

i am wondering why on earth i can't access my multiply accounts. it's with a -s 'coz i have 2 accounts to this date, one the primary, and the other one, the soon-to-be primary. i last accessed it last july but until this day i couldn't (and still) connect to its server. why oh why?

so much for the blog today. i must start reading again or else i won't have a nice grades for tomorrow's quiz. gambarimasu yo! ^^

-from blogspot account-


tanjoubi omedetou bff. :)

just wanna greet my very very very best friend forever, MARY FRANCES RUBIO, a happy happy birthday. :)

tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu faye! ^^

why oh why can't i access my multiply? :(

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it's been a while since i blog something here. well, for some reasons, all of my blogs here are cross-posted from my multiply site.

i made this account for a reason: i can't access my multiply account and i wanted so much to blog down something. good thing that they didn't close down the site.

the last time i gained access my multiply accounts was last month. but due to some connection problems (i think), i wasn't able to connect again to the server.

this was my 2nd tome to experience such trouble. it's a big fuss for me for i always check on my multiply accounts. it was my haven in the internet world. i keep posting and posting pictures anywhere but there.

and last month i was given the opportunity to be one of the admin of the TKA multiply group. i was doing and fulfilling the job. until then.

what will i do? what really happened to my multiply accounts? to think i have so many albums to upload. what will my groupmates in TKA think of me? waah!

oh well...

gotta know the reason behind my inability to access the multiply accounts.


if this will show up in my multiply accounts, please be reminded, that i did this blog in my blogspot site originally. thanks. :)