this is creepy!

while waiting for someone who didn't arrive awhile ago, i was with someone i am very close at. we were talking about her friend's failed relationship and the consequences.

the topic drifted to and fro me. i was the protagonist. at times i was just a plain commentator. but the whole topic was purely out of fun.

we walked towards our way home, still chit-chatting like girls used to do wherever they go.

as we approached a landmark we both are very familiar to, she suddenly shouted "it's __________". i said "hell no, it cannot be 'it'..." then looked at the direction she was pointing to. guess what, it was really the person we were just talking about awhile ago!

this made my body go on an adrenaline rush. i suddenly grabbed her hand, then walked fast towards the part of the landmark in which "it" won't see us. good thing that "it" has companions to which i wasn't able to recognize.

walking fast across sea of cars, my friend said "why don't we say hi" and i answered "no way! i will not!". then i grabbed her hand and put it in my heart to make her feel my heart beat. darn, i was sooooo nervous at that time. it gave me goosebumps!

i just received a sms about a similar scenario like this. it goes like this:

Scientists have proven that human minds are linked with each other through neuron activities. So if you're thinking of someone all day long without any reason at all, she/he is thinking of you. - Time Magazine

what does that mean, that the reason i met "it" 'coz i've been thinking about "it" the whole day? honestly, the topic about "it" was jsut opened at the place wherein i was waiting for someone with a friend. it was just a past time. just mere sharing of past experience.

i wasn't prepared to encounter such scenario at this time of the night. out of nowhere i just found myself running from "it", hiding as much as possible in order not to be seen, walking fast in order not to be caught.

my friend even teased me that it was "destiny" that let it happened. i say it was pure nightmare. to think i was just starting to be cool without "it" in my life. it was really creepy!

it was my first time to experience such goosebumps. awhile ago i was just talking about "it" and then i was able to see "it" out of nowhere. it really gave me goosebumps!

i better stop drinking Starbucks coffee as of the moment. it was because i drank such that i experienced some nightmare while being awake. :P