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good morning people! this blog may not be viewable to other people on the multiply account but i think there will be many peeps who can view this on blooger.

it's my first blog here in my new account. actually it's not my 2nd, it's my 3rd. but i deleted the 2nd one so, it may be called 2.1 account. hahaha!

what's with the new account? to think that i am fine with my first account.

i thought of that before. now i have reasons why i should have a new account.

1st: the username

the time when i opened my first account was during my last days in highschool way back in 2007. at that time, i clearly remembered that i made the first account on our computer laboratory while making some articles for the school paper, the famous asian series that i hooked up to are it started with a kiss (e zuo ju zhi wen) and princess hours (goong). i was thinking badly of the name i'll be using at that time. then i remembered the korean word for princess that was used in princess hours. it sounded like "feigoong", upon watching the dubbed and the subbed versions. at first i was not satisfied and really not sure if it was the real word. but i used it for it really sounded as one.

years had past and i encounterd no problems with the name. but when i checked again the internet and found out the goong manhwa i stumbled upon the fact that it was not "feigoong". it fact, it was "bingoong". that's why eversince i began having thoughts of changing the account. just as i made this account.

the word "sassy" came from the movie "my sassy girl" which was my favorite korean movie of all time. i also associated myself with the word "sassy": impotent, rude, somtimes impolite. somehow true but in a sense it was negative if i use rude. sassy is like more positive in sounds. hehe. :D

2nd: unorganized things with the account

before i kept on uploading music playlists endlessly. most of them are not okey. then some of the pictures don't have dates. i can't retrieve them for the master copies are nowhere to be found. in order to fix everything i thought of having a new account wherein from the beginning it will be organized.

3rd: to keep away from unwanted people

honestly speaking, i've been adding and adding people without any relation with me. i wanted to have an account that's for the people i really know. maybe some of them are not strangers to me but they keep on viewing and viewing every post of mine which really irritates me.

it's not bad to view my posts. but it's unusual for me to have an "avid fan" wherein every post that i make "it" will view it (i'll just use "it" in order to hide the gender).


so there you are, my first blog in this account.

i might not be that updated with this account until this year ends. i'm preparing this site for year 2010, my 20th year.

gotta make some homeworks now. good morning again! :)