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good morning people! this blog may not be viewable to other people on the multiply account but i think there will be many peeps who can view this on blooger.

it's my first blog here in my new account. actually it's not my 2nd, it's my 3rd. but i deleted the 2nd one so, it may be called 2.1 account. hahaha!

what's with the new account? to think that i am fine with my first account.

i thought of that before. now i have reasons why i should have a new account.

1st: the username

the time when i opened my first account was during my last days in highschool way back in 2007. at that time, i clearly remembered that i made the first account on our computer laboratory while making some articles for the school paper, the famous asian series that i hooked up to are it started with a kiss (e zuo ju zhi wen) and princess hours (goong). i was thinking badly of the name i'll be using at that time. then i remembered the korean word for princess that was used in princess hours. it sounded like "feigoong", upon watching the dubbed and the subbed versions. at first i was not satisfied and really not sure if it was the real word. but i used it for it really sounded as one.

years had past and i encounterd no problems with the name. but when i checked again the internet and found out the goong manhwa i stumbled upon the fact that it was not "feigoong". it fact, it was "bingoong". that's why eversince i began having thoughts of changing the account. just as i made this account.

the word "sassy" came from the movie "my sassy girl" which was my favorite korean movie of all time. i also associated myself with the word "sassy": impotent, rude, somtimes impolite. somehow true but in a sense it was negative if i use rude. sassy is like more positive in sounds. hehe. :D

2nd: unorganized things with the account

before i kept on uploading music playlists endlessly. most of them are not okey. then some of the pictures don't have dates. i can't retrieve them for the master copies are nowhere to be found. in order to fix everything i thought of having a new account wherein from the beginning it will be organized.

3rd: to keep away from unwanted people

honestly speaking, i've been adding and adding people without any relation with me. i wanted to have an account that's for the people i really know. maybe some of them are not strangers to me but they keep on viewing and viewing every post of mine which really irritates me.

it's not bad to view my posts. but it's unusual for me to have an "avid fan" wherein every post that i make "it" will view it (i'll just use "it" in order to hide the gender).


so there you are, my first blog in this account.

i might not be that updated with this account until this year ends. i'm preparing this site for year 2010, my 20th year.

gotta make some homeworks now. good morning again! :)


the decision... :D

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i've really decided guys, to shut down this account. di icacancel ah!

pero di pa sa ngayon.

dahil, wala pa akong maisip na name eh.

dapat daw kasi 4-20 characters lang...

yung mga nabubuo ko, mga 20++ :))

kaya help me guys... lalo na yung sa mga kaclose ko...


1. wala akong name sa username

sa sobrang dami ng nicknames ko, di ko alam yung ilalagay ko. kung mamags ba o mailie o ange o gel o elie o angelie o angie. wala ni isa dyan natitipuhan ko. :))

2. andun ang personality ko.

adjectives na nagdedefine ng personality ko. tipong sassy, mischievous, playful, jolly, etc etc. basta andun yung personality ko!

3. 4 - 20 charcters lang

ampuge kasi ng multiply, me limit yung username. di tulad sa blogger pwede pati yung dash. name ko sa blogger is mischievous-sassy-princess. o di ba? :))

4. yung trip ko

pamatay yan! dahil di ko nga mismo alam yung gusto ko. :))

basta. pag me nagawa na akong bagong account iaadd ko na lang kayo.

hehe. :D


oh well, towel...

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well, etong blog na 'to ay hindi makikita sa multiply account ko...

di ko alam... para bang tinatamad akong mag-blog dun sa account ko na yun...

madalas kasi dun ako nagboblog tapos cross-posts lang yung dito...

pero ngayon, dito ako sinipag na magblog... what's with me ba???

siguro, medyo nagsawa ako sa multiply???

me iniiwasang taong makabasa???

o sadyang tinatamad lang???

the answer is... I REALLY DON'T KNOW!!! ~.~

but, these past few days, medyo napapaisip ako kung ano na yung magiging bagong account ko sa multiply...

yup, i'll be changing my account. di naman idedelete yung una kong account.

i just thought of a new haven...

ang gulo na kasi nung primary account ko eh...

then, i went gaga again for it started with a kiss...

within 2 days lang tapos ko na yun. haha!!!

maybe, ayaw ko ding maalis yung recent blog ko about xiang qin ang zhi shu doon. kaya dito ako nagboblog. haha!

so much for that.

matutulog na ako. maaga pa ako mamaya eh. hehe.

goodnight world! ^^

ps... wala akong maisip na title eh. kaya ganyan. :))


sweet sweet talk 'bout love. :]

sooo much of a fan. <3 <3 <3

i even listed the sweetest confession i've heard. well, in english!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Xiang Qin: Hey, your turn. Say something.

Zhi Shu: I've nothing to say.

XQ: What do you mean nothing to say? Hey, don't you feel any anticipation?

ZS: Isn't marriange just like that... Two people loving 'till the end, loving so drastically. When they first meet, they are just like a kettle of cold water. You passionately try to heat it up, keep heating it, heat it 'til the water boils and then you'll ask: After that what should we do? All the way 'till marriage everything that should be done has been done. What should be hot has already been overheated. The original kettle full of water has dried up. Love is gone. Wait 'til the kettle is burst, either they break up or struggle on until the bottom of the kettle has a hole. Nothing is left. Love is gone. Kettle is gone. Water is also gone. Everything is gone.

XQ: So you're meaning is that you don't love me? Right? Should've said so earlier.

ZS: The exact opposite. I'll love you more and more. Our water will be kept constantly heated. I'll slowly wait 'til it boils and then keep it warm. Let it always be at boiling point.

XQ: Don't understand...

ZS: Meaning is... I'll keep loving you. Keep loving, keep loving. Keep loving 'til we're old and wrinkled. Is that good enough?

XQ: Yeah, that I understand.

...Original Unsubbed clip...

...Subbed clip...

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

haha! soooo suweeeet! ^___^

hope that i'll find my zhi shu. the zhi shu who will make our water warm. forever.

hang-over 'to sa it started with a kiss. next stop: they kiss again na! weeeee! ^____^


goodbye 2nd year. hello 3rd year. :]

here are my grades i received at the end of the term...

Weighted Average: 1.77

dang! di ako umabot sa cut-off grade sa half scholarship. tssss. kainis! >_____<

sayang kasi yung sa it. epal na database lecture. wala kasi akong naipasang quizzes. ni isa. suuuuper dali kasi magbigay eh. :|

buti na lang sa law mataas. di ko inexpect yung grade. pero kung nakapag-review ako ng maayos sa law finals baka nakaya kong gawing 1.5 yun. pero ok na yung 1.75. hehe. :D

sa accounting ako nagulantang! dashing 1.5... di ko inimagine na ni minsan makakakuha ako ng ganung grade sa accounting. to think di ganun katataas yung grades ko sa ibang quizzes. hehe.

darn english. hay. nailabas ko na sama ng loob ko dyan days ago pa. kaya tinatamad na akong mag-comment. buti na lang naka-2 pa ako.

gusto kong magpasalamat sa lahat ng prof ko this term, namely: ms. joy for act123, atty. aguas for law111, ms. samonte for it131-1 lab and lec, and ms. arguelles for eng12. wala kasi ang bagsak eh. salamat po! :D

and for the coming term, sa lunes na, this is my schedule...

7:30 AMIT132-1L
9:00 AMIT132-1L
10:30 AMIT132-1L
12:00 PM
1:30 PM
3:00 PMACT124
4:30 PMACT124
6:00 PMTAX001
7:30 PMTAX001

ganda ng schedule. dang!

monday: 12 hours sa school...

tuesday: 3 hours...

wednesday: 3 hours...

thursday: wala (buti naman)

friday: 13 1/2 hours...

saturday: wala...

ang tindi ng schedule! :O

wala. third year na talaga kami. more on regular na 8 hours ang classes namin sa isang araw. mga bigating subject pa.

sana kayanin ko. ay mali. kakayanin ko pala ito!

with God's help, i can do it. :)

goodbye sophies. hello thirdies! (me word ba na ganun?) hello juniors na nga lang. :)))))


Farewell to you, Michael.

"There's nothing that can't be done
if we raise our voice as one"

many have witnessed a great memorial service for the undisputed king of pop.

including myself.

i even managed to stay up until 4 am early this morning just to finish the service that the whole world is watching.

some might be soundly asleep. others might be in their own neverlands. but most of the awake ones were with MJ during his service.

i readied myself from the burst of emotions i'll be experiencing at the latter part of the program, being a crybaby i was. but i took it lightly at first. then sunddenly, i myself can't help from not crying to all the hit songs he had sung from the start of his career until his downfall in the mid '90s being sung by great artists of today.

just at the start of the service, i was really not feeling fine for i just realized that we indeed lost a great icon, not just an artist, but a human. a human who was able to crush down the walls of culture differences which no one was able to do aside from him.

i really don't know on what part of the service did i begin to sob, not just cry. i just felt that there are water flowing from my tired eyes. and it really did help with the realizations i have learned while watching his solemn service.

one of those realizations is that every individual is a MJ fan deep in their hearts. not that ultimate fans who can go gaga over their idol, but those that can appreciate his good music and right moves. i really am not a MJ fan as far as i know. but upon watching his service, i began to learn that somehow i was his fan. i tried to imitate his moonwalk, and tried to sing his songs.

second, he indeed had wrote many many songs, some of which i didin't know that they were his. honestly speaking, i really liked "I'll Be There" and "You Are Not Alone" when i was a little girl who loves music. i didn't know their titles, and the lyrics, but i know the songs in my heart. they were used to be played to me by my father and i kept on singing them without knowing the correct lyrics.

just like the other songs that i liked and loved when i was just little, i never got a chance to search for the name of the artist and the title unlike today. that's why when i heard that mariah carey sang "I'll Be there" (with a guy i really can't recognize who), i was in shocked to know that HE INDEED SANG THAT ONE, while being a member of the Jackson 5.

With "You Are Not Alone", i wasn't expecting that he too sang that. i know thatthe singer might be somehow has golden voice to sing like that. i even thought that it might be a girl. but i really didn't expect that it would be him.

with his other hits like "Bad" and "Billy Jean", i know that he sang them but i can't remember the tunes. when i saw ASAP '09 last sunday and they perfromed in that tunes, i jumped in my seat and asked everyone in the house with this statement: Yun ba yon? / Sa kanya ba yon?

before, i was not that struck with the news of his death. now, knowing how big he influenced me, i was speechless. we really indeed loast someone that great.

Berry Gordy, one of his close firends who gave eulogy awhile ago, said that "He is simply... the greatest entertainer ever lived". i agree with that, with all the things he had done for all the charity foundations he had helped, with all the artists he had inspired to hone their crafts, with all the chart-topping hits he had sung, he is trully the greatest.

i noted down some of citations to MJ and i really liked one from Berry Gordy again. "When he did that iconic moonwalk, it was magic!". truly, we were captivated by his magic of dance and music. and i'm sure that no matter what happened, that signature move of his will forever stay, as well as his classic hits.

of all the people who gave speeches to the late King of Pop, i can say that i was really touched from Brooke Shield's, Marlon Jackson's, and of course, Paris Jackson's. i laughed with the whole world with Magic Johnson's. i had many realizations with that of the two pastors (sorry, i forgot the names but theirs were also great).

of all the performances, i cried a lot with Jermain Jackson's Smile. i started crying mildly with Mariah Carey's I'll Be There. but no performances can beat We Are The World and Heal The World as the last songs of the night. i really burst out my emotions while singing with the choir.

MJ, wherever you are, if you're on your own Neverland out there, thank you for the moves and the grooves. Thank you for the beats and the hits. We are trully honored to have someone like you for the past 50 years, although i'm a '90s baby.

"I am here and I live forever."
Michael Joseph Jackson
1958 - 2009