my facebook is here to stay

current mood: kinikilig over kotoko and naoki's wedding in itazura na kiss at the same time me hang-over sa transformers 2. :D

currently listening to: Neul by Tree Bicycle (OST ng My Girl Original)

currently doing: facebook quizzes. ha!

months ago, my friends, especially the mapuans, told me that i should have my own facebook account. i always answered them "what's the fuzz?" or "why is that so?" and i always got a weird look, as if i am a being from other dimension.

then i saw myself putting my bits of informations in the facebook registration page. dang!

why i resorted myself of putting up my own account? simple, my indonesian friend caroline had invited me and i don't want to neglect it! easy? nahhhh!

i always receive tons of invitations from different social networking sites, including facebook. but i always disgard them. then when i received one from my indonesian friend i hurriedly went to the home page and have an account. what's behind the action? nothing particularly. i just don't want her to feel that i don't see her as a friend anymore.

five years ago i put up my own friendster account. same old reason, it's because of a special friend. but that time it was not croline but it's christopher, my good old special guy from indonesia. he's a crush of mine for 3 years. when he invited me to friendster i hurriedly accepted the invitation, just as what i did to facebook now.

now, my friendster is not that active (ever since it's not that active) and i'm sick of all the applications invites from people there. i'm also bored from the usual comment-type of environment there.

then here comes facebook! facebook really saves my boring hours, just like now. if i'm not bored i'm doing other stuffs, mostly school stuffs. if i'm not, i'm just surfing arounf the facebook sites for the quizzes and surveys which really puzzle me. they're really accurate, 70-80%! it amuses me from all the results of its quizzes.

maybe friendster started out the social networking sites here in the net, but facebook is here to stay. for good! facebook saves the day.

but no site will match multiply. i can upload as many pics as i want! haha!