it's sooo irritating!: on feel the groove 2.9

i just now finished watching some parts of the hip hop show in rpn 9 wherein my alma mater was shown.

the episode showed the dance workshop recently held in st. paul makati.

i was excited to see and know that there had been changes made after 2 years since i graduated from there.

but to my dismay i just saw bunch of kids dancing off beat the music and without rhythm.

it was soooo irritating!

but i guess i can't do something about it, though.

i may not have the rights to criticize and judge the workshop generally but i really want to say it out loud: IT SUCKS!

the whole thing sucks, with the songs not fitted to the dance, with some dancers not focusing on stage.


but at least they should have tried to make it better than just dancing with what they've learned from kuya choi and the other choreos.

like i've said, i don't have any rights to criticize, but i'm just applying what i've learned in orange. and i'm very thankful to them. they taught me how to project and dance with my heat on it.

i respect all the dancers and organizers and the people behind the workshop. but puhhhhlease! don't let it be shown on a national channel if you don't have better moves and sounds.

and refrain from using the title FEEL THE GROOVE. it's been used for 3 years in a row already. besides, i don't feel any groove while watching the dances.

please lang ah.

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