for MJ

this is a letter for the king of pop. i might not know him personally but at least he affected my life that much.

to the king of pop, rest in peace. everyone will remember you!


Dear Michael,

I first knew you when I was a young girl whose parents were music lovers. Back then they always play different kinds of cassette tapes and they always included yours. I was attached to the beats of your songs, way different from the other songs being played, being love songs, mellow, and slow.

Your songs were really great! I might not know the correct lyrics back then but as I remember I sang them in front of my family during our siesta times, well, with the incorrect words uttered from my mouth.

But I admit that I wasn’t much of a fan. I really didn’t have the chance to know you more as I grew up. But I recall the hits of yours whenever I listen to some old songs which really made me dance to it.

The most memorable song of yours for me are “Heal the World”, “Beat It”, “Smooth Criminal”, and of course, “Thriller”. I saw the videos on a music channel and it did remind me of my childhood days.

I also remember you with your signature moves, the moonwalk and the other one (sorry I forgot what it was called). Also with the fashion you’ve put up, be it with the fedora hats, or the shiny gold in black suits and white socks. Another one is whenever you’re on concert you never forget to let the audience be surprised with your grand entrances on stage in different ways. Those things also left a mark in me.

You might have a very “colourful” life, with intrigues and criticisms around you. But what I can say about a man whose vision is to help the little children through his gift of music? None, for you have helped a hundred thousand with the foundations you have put up.

I think that life have been tough for you. Since childhood you started to perform with your brothers. You never experienced a great childhood, and you did have a skin disease. Sometimes whenever I look at you it’s like I’m seeing an alive zombie, like those from the Thriller video. But you were known with that physique and I respect that.

Now that you’re dead, everyone is sad for your early depart. Even I was thinking that you’re too young to die, compare to the other legendary music icons. Millions of people are now grieving for you, from every corner and territory in the world.

You have made impact in everyone, especially to those who were able to listen to your great songs. Many have been touched with your intentions. And they will cherish a great artist that forever will be remembered.

Thank you for the grooves and the moves, for the beats and the hits, for the fashion and the passion. These things will always be remembered by all, including me. Forever.

May you rest in peace wherever you are.

We all love you.

Love, Angelie