welcome me up! :P ^^

good evening folks! if there will be one reading this blog. :D

i'm a newbie in this blogging site so please do me a favor: kindly teach me how to edit this whole stuff. i'm sick and tired from just copying stuffs from other sources. i wanna have my own. so please teach me.

this is my first post for this account. supposed to be i'm writing these stuffs in my multiply account but guess what, i can't access it. so what am i going to do? build a new one from an other site. :D

so here it is, the new blogging site. but i'm not closing down that account. it's also vital for me. :D

i've been grinning alot lately (isn't it obvious? with all those smileys at the end of every statement, i'm not really into grinning at all! :P). thaks to my daily dose of they kiss again which had ended a while ago, a good news struct me by storm: THERE WILL BE A 3RD ISWAK SERIES CALLED THE LAST KISS! and it really made my day-full-of-sleeps-and-nothing-to-do. :))

i don't know how to start that up. but i guess i need to end it for now 'coz i still need to read my oblicon book and i haven't flipped a single page of it.

sooo, there. this is my first blog. thanks for reading it. if there is one. that is. :D