sooooo stressed out

mood: very very haggard and stressed
reason: LAW111 midtermssss! :|

currently listening to: Jidai by Arashi (matsujun is lalaloveee! <3)

good evening! :)

i wasn't able to blog last night due to my "very" kind brother. he always pulled out my connection to the router every time i'm out of the house. whenever i come back he doesn't put it back there ahead of time. that's why i need to wait for him like, for 3-4 hours.

last night was an exemption. i waited for nothing. darn!

to think i really wanted to blog something last night. something came up. really really terrible.

now, i don;t have the mood to recall it. i just want to blog something here about my midterm in law tomorrow.

darn! 30++ articles about obligations and contracts. and the only thing i can remember as of now is the definition of obligation. :))

as if my accounting is not a major subject anymore. it was replaced by english, law, and it.

darn! i still have to do my leaflet for the english. i just remembered now. :|

now, i'm having some break in preparation for the reading marathon.

must end this for now.

God Bless me for tomorrow's midterms. :)