i love God as He has loved me. :)

i am just glad that somehow i am beginning to eradicate the gap between me and God and also to Mama Mary and Jesus.

in the recent years where i was in mapua, no Catholic practices were held. this is one of the things i'm missing in my life. as a girl raised in a Catholic school, with a devotion to always pray, sing songs of God, and participate actively in masses, staying in mapua is a desert for me in terms of this practices.

i always longed for these practices to occur, even just for some time. but i guess the school's not that devoted, as much as they said.

some of my friends were Christians, meaning those who were not Catholics but still believe in Lord Jesus. i am not against them. in fact i was so envious of them for they can still perform their duties as a Christian even in hectic schedules.

there were times that i thought why not be converted into a Christian. in that way, i could still perform the activities that i was longing for. but one thing came across me: how will i give love to Mama Mary if i will be converted?

that's why i am renewing my faith little by little. not under the Christian way, but the usual ways that i have. but now, i have the strong faith in God that i got from my Christian friends. :)

i started again to read the bible which i was supposed to do everyday, either before sleeping or after waking up. i also bought some reading materials. it doesn't matter if the author is a Christian or a Catholic one. as long as it will uplift my spirit in praising Our Lord then it is OK. but i have some preferred authors in the Philippines, like Bo Sanchez.

reading these materials little by little help me to recover the lost practices in the past years. this may sound more of a Christian way but i think it is better to practice both ways. i will still attend the regular masses of the Catholic, sing songs of God, renounce my sins, and read the Bible and live a life less of sin.

in relation to that, i just stumbled upon this message to me by God. :)

On this day of your life, Ma Angelie, we believe God wants 
you to know ... that a successful relationship requires falling 
in love many times, always with the same person.
In God We Trust
Always with the same person, but deeper and deeper 
every time. Each time on a whole new level you 
together open in love and discover the truth of 
your beloved anew. There is no limit to the beauty 
of your beloved. If you think you've reached the end, 
stop generalizing. 

this message, i assume, is meant for a loved-one. i say, this is for God, especially that i've been trying to do my best to proclaim His name in my own ways.

just like having my own realizations for me to follow Jesus' path.

i hope that i will keep going on like this, loving God all the way. :)


some commercial break :P

it's been 2 days since i first wrote the write in blood series.

but i won't continue it now.

i'm mastering and gathering up all my strength to write those things here.

and i also need to wake up early later. hayy

good night. jaa ne!


i'm starting to write in blood. part 1

this is not the usual blog that i'll be posting. it's connected with the book i'm reading on.

i just bought awhile ago a book by Bo Sanchez entitled Your Past Does Not Define Your Future. i got curious about it for something in the past were making an internal dispute with me.

i started reading it and guess what, i am almost half through with it.

this blogging is part of the 2nd half of the bok. it is more of self-realizations and honesty to oneself. and i really really need those two.

i'll blog it part by part. i'll answer each of the questions 'coz it won't do the healing if i do the short-cut one.

Start when you were born...

i was born in a clinic on the morning of feburary 7, 1990 but the attending physician was sleeping. it was my father who literally caught me when i went out from my mom's womb. i don't just get the reason why the physician was sleeping at that time to think my mom was in labor.

i didn't accept those facts at first. i wanted a normal delivery wherein you're in a hospital with nurses attending you. but it was really the other way around.

the clinic was the physician's. it was in namayan, mandaluyong. near the oil depot of small players in the industry. i don't know how did my mom meet dr. gan.

when i was out in the world, both of my parents, including my lola may, thought that i was a HE. the main reason is that i have this fat private part that they thought it was the male's. then when they found out that i was a SHE, they became so happy.

the normal babies would weight around 6-7 pounds. but i was no normal back then. i was a 8-pound baby! that's why i have this baby fats in me. hehe. :D due to my fatness, all the baby dresses that my mom had used for my older brothers didn't fit me. the only baby dress that did was that of a one-year old. i'm so big for a day-old baby. hahaha!

as i stumble upon old pictures of mine, i found out that i have only few CUTE baby pics. it was more of my kuyas'. that's why i felt jealous of them. it is as if they have more attention when they were babies than i was during that time. i f i have some, i could see them with me. but me on a solo pic? more often than not.

i just knew that i was special to my lola may, though i was not the first girl grandchild. i just don't know. i have this special connection with her. every time that my mom's out, i would look for her. even when i was already studying. i was always looking for her. maybe i grew up with her on my side always. but i somehow managed to learn living without her when she went back to bicol.

i was not that satisfied with my birth date. it was already in the month of love yet i wasn't born on the heart's day itself. it was barely 7 days to go when i went out. then whenever i searched about the events happened on my day, only few were found. that's why i really hoped that my day was somehow special.

so there you are. the first part of the writing in blood series. i just hope i could do this every night before i sleep. it'll be a habit for me from now on. as Bo Sanchez had said, answering these questions could take days,w eeks, or even months. but it's ok for as long as you answered them truthfully, then you will be from your bondage.



counting days...

i'm here in mapua. all alone. just waiting for time.

shocks ang drama ng umpisa! haha!

pero really, totoo yung nakasulat dyan. :D

hinihintay ko kasi yung pagkuha ko ng listening test for eng13. buti na lang me laptop akong dala. hehe. :D

i;m counting days kasi malapit ko nang i-shut down 'tong multiply account na ito.

for over 4 years kami nagkasama. and it's somehow hard for me to say goodbye to a friend who's been there with me through ups and downs. :(

pero it doesn't mean that i'll delete this one. this will still be going on but the posts and everything will be put to my new account, sweetbeatofangel.

i'm just waiting for a right time to use that account, which is, the new year. next year din kasi will mark my 20th year in this world.

so magandang chance yun to show what i really really want and who i really am. :)

kaya as frequent as i can, i'll be blogging in here for nth times. para naman ma-cherish ko yung moments with this accounts.

i'm just killing time in here. haha. so till then.

jaa ne! ^^


nang kinilig ang loka. :))

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okey na gabi ito. instead of having a rest now, nagbo-blog pa ako. pano ba naman kasi me isang tao dyan na nasa tabing bansa lang na nagpagising sakin ngayong gabi. kakawindang!

tagal ko na din pala di nag-blog. ngayon ko lang na-realize. haha! tapos ngayon nasa taglish pa. haha! :))

pano ba naman ako di magigising eh nakakawindang yung nakuha kong comment dun sa facebook.

it started with a KISS??? nah. :)) it all started with the application Social Interview.

nagsasagot lang naman ako ng questions regarding my friends. yun lang. no more, no less.

nang biglang lumabas yung name ni chris. yup, si chris, ang aking long-time-first-foreigner friend na sayang hindi naging... OOPS! spoiler. haha! LOL. :))

ang tanung kasi sakin, "what will chris say if he will hug you?". ang sagot ko, "a big why i guess. but i think he'll appreciate it".

then biglang nag-comment. "yeah, a nice hug would do". osmoething like that.

hay naku. tignan niyo na nga lang itong picture na ito. at nang kayo ay mawindang. LOL! :))

basahin niyo na lang. may magandang comment dyan. LOL. :))

grabe... di ko inaasahan yung ganitong response. haha. as in nawindang ako to the highest level! :))

kasi naman si chris eh. patawa. well, i can't say na bumabalik yung feelings ko kasi di naman siya totally nawala. nag-focus lang sa ibang di karapat-dapat. haha!

kanina sa God's Message, yung message sakin ni God (syempre through appli), nakakawindang din. eto yung nakalagay:

On this day of your life, Ma Angelie, we believe God wants you to know ...
 that the way you know you have found the right one is the inexpressible
comfort of feeling safe with the person.
In God We Trust
Having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but
pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain
together; certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them,
keep what is worth keeping, and then with the breath of
kindness blow the rest away. - a quote by Dinah Craik

define ang "you have found the right one in the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with the person"?

kung sasabihin kong i feel safe with the people i love most like AB friends, dancecom, ODS, ate pam, etc, mauunawaan ko pa eh.

pero pano kung ipasok dito si chris? OH MY GOSH! O_O :|

it's true that i feel comfortable with him. safe with him when we were in dumaguete. but i think that was it. di ko naman inaasahan that i would fall for him, let him be my first love (so i think), and just have my heart broken dahil sa long-distance relationship na di niya kayang gawin. darn. napakaganda pa nga ng sinabi niya eh. super tanda ko... "IF NI WAS JUST RIGHT THERE IN THE PHILS. I WOULD HAVE LIKED YOU. BUT I CAN NOT WITH THIS DISTANCE". :(

honestly i cried and cried after that. but i accepted it with open arms.

then came FACEBOOK with SI application.

di naman unang pagkakataon na nangyari ito eh. the other night merun yung "where would you kiss him" and i answer, "next question please". then he just laughed it off. :))

merun pa yung sa quiz na "what's the name of the one you will be marrying". biglang lumabas CHRIS. gulat din ako. reaction ko na lang is "no comment" then bigla siyang nag-comment na "who knows what future will bring" something like that. naku kaloka! :))

hay naku. masyado akong kinikilig tonight. di ko tuloy alam kung makakatulog ba ako o hindi. haha.

naku. mahaba na pala ito masyado. haha. na-excite naman akong mag-blog. sa susunod na lang ulit. pag inspired ulit. :D

jaa ne! ^^


first week worn-out

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good morning starshine! the earth says hello again.

having my insomnia attacks? nahh. i'm just done doing and answering my act125 homework that consist of 6 problems for chapter 1 and 2 problems for chapter 2.

how far was my first week in 2nd term? TOTALLY WASTED AND TIRED. -__-;;

it was just the third day and yet i already incurred my first absence for the term, first late, and first night classes due to my act125 class. boy, we were so bored out of waiting for our classes. we have the unusual, well, usual for the mapuans especially from the act program, the 12-hour school day. good thing that we have breaks in between different classes. but still, i'm all worn out from this kind of schedule.

i really hope that all of our subject will be either from morning to noon or early afternoon or from after lunch till late afternoon or night.

oh well towel, nothing i can do about it.

as my best friend faye said, "onting tiis lang :("...

and this was always done every term. hay. :(

shocks, i'm rumbling nonsense. i must now have some rest for me to think well. :D

so, jaa ne! ^^


i should have gone sleeping but still...

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it feels like yesterday was just our finals week then today is our term break and then tomorrow will be the first day of the 2nd term. -__-;;

oh crap! i wanted to have a long, long vacation. :(

even though i'm in my junior year in mapua, i still am not used with the fast-paced quarterm system. in a blink of the eye it is the start of the term. another blink, here come the midterms. more blinks, finals. then term break.

and the cycle goes on and on and on and on...


why on earth did i enroll in such school? ^^;;

oh well towel, nothing i can do about that. if i keep on rumbling and babbling about those things i might not have a good night sleep tonight.

yeah, tonight i must have a nice sleep for tomorrow a new battle will arise. hehe.

tomorrow's a new term to finish. heck, we are just starting. haha!

good luck to me then. :)

oyasumi nasai! ^^


another term, another pressure

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another term will start next week. the term break this time was really really useless. i spent it thrice at school, twice in bulacan, and nth times somewhere out there.

i am totally irritated with what my mom is doing with me: always bringing and dragging me anywhere she wants without asking me first.

oh well towel, here's the schedule for the coming term...

7:30 AM
9:00 AMENG13
10:30 AM
12:00 PMLAW112
1:30 PMSS10
3:00 PM
4:30 PMPSY10
6:00 PMACT125
7:30 PMACT125

good luck with the first period of eng13.i hope that joanna and the company will be my classmates. the more accounting students there'll be, the merrier. :D

law112! i am really anticipating you this term, not that darn tax002. sir aguas! we'll see each other again! tell us stories about your students from ateneo again. :D :D

psy10. oh crap! i hope it's not that terror buenvenida that will be my prof. i hope not. really!

ss10. hmm. i really think it will be sir yuzon. if he is, then i'm somehow okey with it. sir yuzon knows me ahead. hehe. :D

act125. gosh. ms. joy will not be our prof anymore. and guess what, this time the prof came all the way from san beda. oh no! a ghost form the past is now haunting me. O_O

oh well towel, good luck with me and the accounting buddies on the coming term. lah! :D


some rantings and rumblings

after freaking 9789340397273618243750943 years of not being able to access my multiply accounts i have once gained access to it again.

thanks to the smartbro connection that we have here in baliuag. it's a new internet connection here. i don't know where the problem of not gaining access to multiply occurs. if it is on the net connection or the computer itself.

in this case, it is clear that it is of the net connection.

the problem now is that i can't upload even a piece of picture here in multiply.

oh gash. i have TONS and TONS of albums to be uploaded. :( :( :(

i hope that i'll access them soon in mandaluyong. :D

by the way, it's the term break for us mapuans. but it feels like not for me, being one of the student council of ety-sbm.

i already posted my grades for the term ended. you can view i on my blogspot account or my other multiply account. i just don;t know why i am able to cross-post my blogs from this accout to those two accounts and not able to do the same if i blog down from the blogspot account. the blogs are always showing on the 2nd multiply account.

oh well, towel. nothing to do much here except for uploading of pictures. but i hope the autouploader really do its job.

till here. jaa ne! ^^


happiness! ^o^

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come on people let's celebrate. woohoo!

the 3rd year first term's officially over with the releasing of our grades.

ooohhh. i love my grades. i really really do. mwah mwah! ^*^ ^*^ ^*^

i'm ranting like this because yesterday was my last day of tests. i was like "what will happen to my grades" and all... good thing that i have faith in God and in myself that i can overcome those freaking examinations... although i did something to make God sad. :(

sooo here's the copy of my current grades in my mapua account. i only access this one in times like these though, hehe. :D


Weighted Average: 1.833

let's party! let's go out. haha! as if i can do those things. hahaha...

oh wel towel, so much for that.

i nearly forgot to tell that inspite of being in a "bloggy" mode these past few days i found myself lazy to do so. nothing new anyways. hahaha! :D

'till here. jaa ne. ^^


fortunate indeed :)

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i should have blogged this one last night but due to being so tired i wasn't able to make it.

helping others in time of crisis is really awesome! especially when you're willing to sacrifice everything in order ti help. well, not actually everything as it is. it's somehow more on the dedication and time and energy and effort and everything that lies in between those.

i was very fortunate indeed for not only my family is safe but also i have a house to go home to, a shelter to keep me safe and warm, some nice food to eat, clean water to drink, and clean clothes to wear on.

why all of a sudden i'm rumbling those? it's because i am indeed blessed in such that i overlooked it.

i joined a relief operation. i didn't expect though that our destination would be in marikina, one of the places hardly struck by typhoon ondoy (or ketsana). and i am so lucky for with me are some of the closest people i adore from the studio. i felt so secured and somehow the nervousness was gone for i am confident that they will take good care of me wherever we are.

i was so saddened by the situations we've witnesses: families lost their homes, many places are still not that accessible to the public, long queues along the roads in order to be served at the health center, cars and other equipments filled with mud and dirt, and many more.

we had a chance to give something to our fellow studio people even though we, especially myself, don't know most of them. but i removed that thought and just said to myself that "i'm here to help, recognizing them takes time after this".

we've given out goods not only to those people connected with orange. we were able to help also a barangay community. as i remembered it was brgy. barangka wherein provident village was located. oh yes, we saw that village in our eyes! and we were deeply saddened with what we saw. it looked like a ghost town at that moment.

it is then that i told to myself that we should really really be thankful for what we have. we are still very fortunate. :)

i would really like to post the pictures here but time constrains me now. i must go on with what i am currently doing.

jaa ne. :)


i'm awake

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it's not an insomnia attack why i was able to rumble here again.

it's just that i slept earlier than the usual wee-hours-sleep that i always do every single night.

oh well.

i really don't have anything to do over the net.

i'll just start reading to my bio ppt again. and maybe they might make me sleep again. LOL! :D

that's for now! :)


oh my college life! :D

This is all about ur recent course in college.. ONLY COLLEGE STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO ANSWER THIS..
1.anung course mo??
BS in Accountancy...

2.Saan ka nagaaral??
sa Mapua Makati...

3.napilitan ka lng bng kunin yang course na yan?
somehow yes... :|

4.cnu nagpapaaral sau?
yung nagbibigay ng pang-tuition ay si papa. yung nagbabayad si mama. haha!

5.nageenjoy ka ba sa college lyf moh??
sabihin na nating oo na hindi na oo. labo! :))

6.e sa college barkada?
suuuper duuuper to the highest level! andyan na ang dc peeps, andyan pa ang accounting buddies. san ka pa? :))

7.first college friends?
juno, kat cruz, john, kevin, danica moises (to think di na siya bago sakin kasi since gs magkaklase na kami)

8.first college boyfriend/girlfriend?
wala pa no! :))

9.anu ung top 3 choices mo na course??
PolSci, M.E., Mass Communications

10.have u ever felt out of place sa skul moh?
siguro unang araw nung math at complus oo.

11.irreg ka ba o regular?
irreg na reg. ano daw? :))

12.may crush ka sa skul moh?
ikaw! LOL! yung duuper crush wala. pero nagkaka-crush din ako na di mo alam. :))

13.favorite subject?
ngayong college? wala ata. pwede pa economics at accounting. haha

14.sang subject ka natutulog??
honestly, SLHS subjects. sarap tulugan ng mga prof eh. :))

15.pinakahate mong subject?
SLHS subjects tapos ngayon TAX. :|

16.kilala ka ba skul mo??
somehow siguro? kasi nga DC member ako dati.

17.ever thought of taking up nursing??
never ever!

18.gusto moh bang magshift??
before yes. pero i LOOOVE ACT na eh. :))

19.anung course nman?
suntukan gusto mo?

20.do u miss ur hayskul life??

21.anung balak mong unang gawin pagkagraduate moh??
MAGPAHINGA NG ISANG TAON! hahahahaha! joke. ilang months lang siguro. then review for board. yung 2nd board ang kukunin ko.

22.xan ka nman magttrabaho??
more preferably sa airline industry gusto ko. AYAW KO SA AUDITING FIRM. nakaka-stress dun! haha!

23.do u have plans of going abroad??

24.10 years from now anu ka na??
must be a CPA-Lawyer na!

25.do u love college lyf??
oo super!

26.anung gusto mong gift ang mtnggap moh sa graduation mo?
house and lot? :)) with matching car tapos slr tapos me trip to somewhere in asia pa. naks. asa pa ako! :))

27.me bf/gf ka ba??
wala po. NBSB pa po.

28.recent school problem??
loads of homewoeksssss.

29. crush mong kaklase?
wala. sorry

30. pinakakaclose mong college frienD?
accounting buddies, at dc peeps

31. anong oras ka natutulog?
*looks at a clock* anung oras na? hahahaha!

some notes to read

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ohayou! :D

i know it's somehow late for me to blog something but i really have to do this.

beginning today, 09/16/09, all my blog and video posts from blogspot and youtube respectively will be imported to my facebook account. i really don't intent on putting something on my facebook account aside from having those tagged pictures and notes and videos. but due to the fact that i mistakenly imported all of my blogs from the blogspot account, i now must import those from youtube also since i already did it.

for the pictures, i will still hold myself from posting and posting pictures in my fb account. i will still upload them in my multiply account, that is, if it will be fixed sooner than later.

so much for that. now, will ypu excuse me for i need to have my sleep now. jaa ne! see you again desu! :D

-from blogspot account-


shishishi... :D

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konbanwa! supposed to be i'm holding on to my accounting book and should be reviewing for tomorrow's long quiz but here i am, blogging with all might.

i really don't know if i am just lazy to read the topics from my book or i just really know the lesson properly. the topic for tomorrow's quiz is accounting for income tax which i believe, as far as i know, was somehow hard to understand.

it tackles on the accounting income and taxable income, with all the income-and-expense-related objects be added or subtracted from it. the definition was not that hard to digest in my head. it is as is. but the concept gets difficult if there are some supporting statements pertaining to the permanent and/or temporary differences.

i know it's somehow difficult to digest especially if you, my dear reader, is not an accounting major. but don't worry i won't tackle much. :D

i hope it's already saturday. i badly hope for it. i really want to watch the episode (or target in its own term) 151 and read the chapter 259 of the anime/manga that i'm really hooked to now... if you're a close friend then you probably know what i'm referring to. if not, i'll give you a clue: it has a cute baby in it and its story focuses on the mafia. :D :D

oh well, so much for that. i really hope it's already saturday.

i am wondering why on earth i can't access my multiply accounts. it's with a -s 'coz i have 2 accounts to this date, one the primary, and the other one, the soon-to-be primary. i last accessed it last july but until this day i couldn't (and still) connect to its server. why oh why?

so much for the blog today. i must start reading again or else i won't have a nice grades for tomorrow's quiz. gambarimasu yo! ^^

-from blogspot account-


tanjoubi omedetou bff. :)

just wanna greet my very very very best friend forever, MARY FRANCES RUBIO, a happy happy birthday. :)

tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu faye! ^^

why oh why can't i access my multiply? :(

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it's been a while since i blog something here. well, for some reasons, all of my blogs here are cross-posted from my multiply site.

i made this account for a reason: i can't access my multiply account and i wanted so much to blog down something. good thing that they didn't close down the site.

the last time i gained access my multiply accounts was last month. but due to some connection problems (i think), i wasn't able to connect again to the server.

this was my 2nd tome to experience such trouble. it's a big fuss for me for i always check on my multiply accounts. it was my haven in the internet world. i keep posting and posting pictures anywhere but there.

and last month i was given the opportunity to be one of the admin of the TKA multiply group. i was doing and fulfilling the job. until then.

what will i do? what really happened to my multiply accounts? to think i have so many albums to upload. what will my groupmates in TKA think of me? waah!

oh well...

gotta know the reason behind my inability to access the multiply accounts.


if this will show up in my multiply accounts, please be reminded, that i did this blog in my blogspot site originally. thanks. :)


this is creepy!

while waiting for someone who didn't arrive awhile ago, i was with someone i am very close at. we were talking about her friend's failed relationship and the consequences.

the topic drifted to and fro me. i was the protagonist. at times i was just a plain commentator. but the whole topic was purely out of fun.

we walked towards our way home, still chit-chatting like girls used to do wherever they go.

as we approached a landmark we both are very familiar to, she suddenly shouted "it's __________". i said "hell no, it cannot be 'it'..." then looked at the direction she was pointing to. guess what, it was really the person we were just talking about awhile ago!

this made my body go on an adrenaline rush. i suddenly grabbed her hand, then walked fast towards the part of the landmark in which "it" won't see us. good thing that "it" has companions to which i wasn't able to recognize.

walking fast across sea of cars, my friend said "why don't we say hi" and i answered "no way! i will not!". then i grabbed her hand and put it in my heart to make her feel my heart beat. darn, i was sooooo nervous at that time. it gave me goosebumps!

i just received a sms about a similar scenario like this. it goes like this:

Scientists have proven that human minds are linked with each other through neuron activities. So if you're thinking of someone all day long without any reason at all, she/he is thinking of you. - Time Magazine

what does that mean, that the reason i met "it" 'coz i've been thinking about "it" the whole day? honestly, the topic about "it" was jsut opened at the place wherein i was waiting for someone with a friend. it was just a past time. just mere sharing of past experience.

i wasn't prepared to encounter such scenario at this time of the night. out of nowhere i just found myself running from "it", hiding as much as possible in order not to be seen, walking fast in order not to be caught.

my friend even teased me that it was "destiny" that let it happened. i say it was pure nightmare. to think i was just starting to be cool without "it" in my life. it was really creepy!

it was my first time to experience such goosebumps. awhile ago i was just talking about "it" and then i was able to see "it" out of nowhere. it really gave me goosebumps!

i better stop drinking Starbucks coffee as of the moment. it was because i drank such that i experienced some nightmare while being awake. :P


...so much that it hurts. :(

i miss them na... SOBRA! :( :( :(

yung tipong araw-araw ko sila halos nakikita pero nami-miss ko sila. :( :( :(

now seeing the old pictures, reminiscing those happy days, naluluha ako...

how i wish i could be back to the group...



Get The Door - It's Ma. Angelie

Go to this site
Put your name in, and generate slogan after each question.

1. What do you say to yourself every morning?
- Have Ma. Angelie Your Way. -ayos na pampagising. haha

2. What do you want other people say about you?
- I'm CUCKOO for Ma. Angelie. -oh yeah :))

3. Someone asked you out, your answer is...
- Because Ma. Angelie Can't Drive. -ayos ah! :))

4. How would you answer a booty call?
- The Man from Ma. Angelie, he says Yes! -haha

5. How would you introduce yourself to someone you really like?
- CHoosy Mothers choose Ma. Angelie. -wth? :))

6. ..to someone you dislike?
- Big Chocolate Ma. Angelie -anung connect?

7. You're in a conversation and you suddenly feel the need to pee, how would you excuse yourself?
- Turn Loose the Ma. Angelie.

8. Your parents ask you why you got home late, you say...
- They Drink Ma. Angelie in the Congo. -yeah right. as if maniniwala parents ko :))

9. You're failing a subject, you say...
- Plink, Plink Ma. Angelie... -imbes na Think Think. haha!

10. The love of your life asks you to marry him/her, what do you say?
- Dial Down the Ma. Angelie -hahaha hotline number ako? :))

11. Your bf/gf is breaking up with you, you tell him/her...
- You'll Look a Little Lovelier Each Day with Fabulous Pink Ma. Angelie. -dang! pamatay! haha

12. Someone told you you're an asshole, you tell them...
- Have a Ma. Angelie ang Smile. -chillax lang daw muna bago sugurin. hahahahaha

13. What are the best words to describe you?
- The Loudest Noise Comes From the Electric Ma. ANgelie. -hahahahahaah! saktong sakto! :))

14. If you're going to have a movie about your life, the title is...
- If Only Everything in Life wasas Reliable as a Ma. Angelie. -drama-comedy 'to for sure. haha

15. Your last words before you die..
- Ding Dong! Ma. Angelie Calling! -mamamatay na lang nagdyo-joke pa? wth? :))

16. Your message to a special someone..
- Wouldn't You Like To Be a Ma. Angelie?

17. Title of this post will be...
- Get The Door - It's Ma. Angelie. -patawang title! hahahahaha!


isang gabi kapiling si tita cory

masasabi ko talagang napakaswerte ko dahil kahit papaano nabigyan ako ng pagkakataong makita si tita cory ng malapitan, kahit na nasa kabaong na siya.

tumulak kasi kami ni mama nung martes sa manila cathedral kung saan nakalagak ang mga labi ng dating pangulo. akala namin aabutin lang kami ng 3 oras sa pila. sabi ko naman kakayanin ko ang ganung katagal. iniisip ko lang ang kalagayan ni mama kasi nga me sakit siya sa kanang binti niya.

nung pumunta kami doon, mga alas-singko ng hapon, medyo umiiyak ang langit. me onting ambon. nakikisimpatya din si God mula sa taas.

medyo ready naman ako sa ulan dahil me payong ako. ang pinanghihinayangan ko ay di ko dala yung jacket ko kasi lamigin akong tao.

pagkarating namin sa manila cathedral sumambulat sa akin ang dami ng taong nais makiramay sa mahal na dating pangulo. nabigla ako. dahil kahit nakikita ko sa tv ang dami ng toang pumupunta di ko pa rin maalis na mamangha sa "cory magic" na taglay ng dating pangulo.

una akong nakarating sa manila cathedral nung yumao si cardinal sin. ngayon, nakabalik ako don dahil ke tita cory naman. ang galing. panay ata kamatayan. pero walang masamang kahulugan yun. naisip ko lang yung pagkakaparehas.

eto ang manila cathedral nung dumating kami: madaming media, tao, at payong...

inabot kami ng 8 oras para lang makapasok. sa loob ng 8 oras ng pagpila at pag-antay ay inabutan kami ng ilang serye ng malakas na buhos ng ulan, gulo sa pila, sagutan sa mga sumisingit at nagbalak na sumingit, baha, at pangangatog ng katawan sa sobrang lamig. literal na basang sisiw at sardinas kami dahil sa ulan at sa gitgitan sa daanan.
kahit nagkaganun, ok naman ang kinahinatnan ng aming lakad. nakapasok kami sa manila cathedral ng mga bandang ala-una ng madaling araw.

pinagbawal ang camera at cellphone sa loob. pero, di ako nagpatinag. malaking kasalanan man ito, kahit ito man lang maging remembrance ko na magsisilbing ebidensya na nakapasok ako ok na sa akin. di man kita dito ang mga tao basta nakita ang pinaglalagyan ni tita cory ok na sa akin. patawarin sana ako ni tita cory sa paglabag ko sa pakatarang iyon.

patawarin sana nila ako...

anyways, doon sa loob, maliban ke tita cory nakita ko din si ai ai delas alas at si ms. kris, magkausap yung dalawa. nung tinignan ko si ms. kris bigla niya akong sinabihang "thanks for coming"... nagulat ako dahil sa akin mismo nakatingin. sumagot na lang ako na "condolence po". bahagyang maririnig yung pagsabi nun ni ms. kris sa unang video.

maririnig din sa unang video na sumagot ako ng "ok lang po yun". kausap ko nun yung pamangkin ni ms. kris (di ko lam yung name) pero gwapo siya. :P kaya tumatak sa akin yung mukha niya. para malaman niyo kung sino, siya yung nag-responsorial psalm nung funeral mass ni tita cory kahapon, ay nung wedensday pala.

barely 5 seconds lang yung viewing na ginawa namin ke tita cory. mas matagal pa yung pagpila namin ng ilang oras. pero sa akin worth it na yung 5 seconds na yun. basta nasulyapan ko siya ok na.

nung lumabas na kami ng manila cathedral pumunta na kami dun sa me park nito pero sa gilid lang kami. hinihintay kasi namin yung 2 co-teachers ni ninang loid na nagkataong nakita namin habang nakapila for tita cory. habang hinihintay ni mama yung text, ako naman ay nagpicture-picture sa magandang aura ng manila cathedral sa gabi.

nung pagtawid ko, di ko inaasahan na makita ang isang black suv na ang loob ay si vilma santos. nakita ko siya kasi nasa harap ng van nila ako nung tumatawid ako. saktong nakatingin din sa akin si vilma. nung paglapit ko ke mama saka ko lang naalala na si vilma yun at napasigaw ako ke mama na "ma, si vilma". dahil di marinig ni mama ang sinisigaw ko inulit ko yun hanggang mag-sink-in sa kanya na ang idol niya ang dumaan sa harap namin. di siya makapaniwala.

ilang saglit naman ay may dumaan na isang isuzu navarra (di ko alam kung tama yung brand pero alam ko navarra yung nakalagay sa likod) na me plate no. slr 991. nung nakita ko yung gilid, nakita ko si josh, panganay ni ms. kris. tapos naaninag ko nga si ms. kris. tapos kumaway ako at pabulong na nagsabing "condolence po". feeling ko naman nakita ako ni ms. kris kasi naaninag ko na kumakaway din siya sa akin.

grabe ang gabing iyon. di ko makakalimutan sa buong buhay ko. nakasama ako sa isang mahalagang parte ng kasaysayan ng bansang ito. kahit na wala man ako dun sa mismong libing ni tita cory, kontento na ako na nakapiling ko siya sa huling gabi niya.

tita cory, maraming maraming salamat po sa mga naitulong niyo sa ating bansa. di ko man po kayo naabutan nung naging pangulo kayo, kahit papaano ang mga dhikain niyo ay nananatiling buhay magpahanggang sa ngayon. ngayon na kapiling niyo na ang iyong asawa na si ninoy, nawa'y patuloy niyo po kaming ipagdasala para magkaisa ang buong bayan. ikaw ang nagsilbing ilaw ng buong bansa nung ito'y nalugmok sa kadiliman. ang kulay dilaw na iyong paborito at akin din ay nagkaroon ng panibagong kahulugan para sa mga pilipino: demokrasya. nagsilbing gabay ang iyong liwanag sa nagugulumihanang bansa. maraming maraming salamat po tita cory.


new haven but same old me. ^_^

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currently listening to: Look Who's Talking by BoA from BoA album


good morning people! this blog may not be viewable to other people on the multiply account but i think there will be many peeps who can view this on blooger.

it's my first blog here in my new account. actually it's not my 2nd, it's my 3rd. but i deleted the 2nd one so, it may be called 2.1 account. hahaha!

what's with the new account? to think that i am fine with my first account.

i thought of that before. now i have reasons why i should have a new account.

1st: the username

the time when i opened my first account was during my last days in highschool way back in 2007. at that time, i clearly remembered that i made the first account on our computer laboratory while making some articles for the school paper, the famous asian series that i hooked up to are it started with a kiss (e zuo ju zhi wen) and princess hours (goong). i was thinking badly of the name i'll be using at that time. then i remembered the korean word for princess that was used in princess hours. it sounded like "feigoong", upon watching the dubbed and the subbed versions. at first i was not satisfied and really not sure if it was the real word. but i used it for it really sounded as one.

years had past and i encounterd no problems with the name. but when i checked again the internet and found out the goong manhwa i stumbled upon the fact that it was not "feigoong". it fact, it was "bingoong". that's why eversince i began having thoughts of changing the account. just as i made this account.

the word "sassy" came from the movie "my sassy girl" which was my favorite korean movie of all time. i also associated myself with the word "sassy": impotent, rude, somtimes impolite. somehow true but in a sense it was negative if i use rude. sassy is like more positive in sounds. hehe. :D

2nd: unorganized things with the account

before i kept on uploading music playlists endlessly. most of them are not okey. then some of the pictures don't have dates. i can't retrieve them for the master copies are nowhere to be found. in order to fix everything i thought of having a new account wherein from the beginning it will be organized.

3rd: to keep away from unwanted people

honestly speaking, i've been adding and adding people without any relation with me. i wanted to have an account that's for the people i really know. maybe some of them are not strangers to me but they keep on viewing and viewing every post of mine which really irritates me.

it's not bad to view my posts. but it's unusual for me to have an "avid fan" wherein every post that i make "it" will view it (i'll just use "it" in order to hide the gender).


so there you are, my first blog in this account.

i might not be that updated with this account until this year ends. i'm preparing this site for year 2010, my 20th year.

gotta make some homeworks now. good morning again! :)


the decision... :D

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i've really decided guys, to shut down this account. di icacancel ah!

pero di pa sa ngayon.

dahil, wala pa akong maisip na name eh.

dapat daw kasi 4-20 characters lang...

yung mga nabubuo ko, mga 20++ :))

kaya help me guys... lalo na yung sa mga kaclose ko...


1. wala akong name sa username

sa sobrang dami ng nicknames ko, di ko alam yung ilalagay ko. kung mamags ba o mailie o ange o gel o elie o angelie o angie. wala ni isa dyan natitipuhan ko. :))

2. andun ang personality ko.

adjectives na nagdedefine ng personality ko. tipong sassy, mischievous, playful, jolly, etc etc. basta andun yung personality ko!

3. 4 - 20 charcters lang

ampuge kasi ng multiply, me limit yung username. di tulad sa blogger pwede pati yung dash. name ko sa blogger is mischievous-sassy-princess. o di ba? :))

4. yung trip ko

pamatay yan! dahil di ko nga mismo alam yung gusto ko. :))

basta. pag me nagawa na akong bagong account iaadd ko na lang kayo.

hehe. :D


oh well, towel...

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listening to: Ariel Lin's Meeting Happiness album... yay!!!


well, etong blog na 'to ay hindi makikita sa multiply account ko...

di ko alam... para bang tinatamad akong mag-blog dun sa account ko na yun...

madalas kasi dun ako nagboblog tapos cross-posts lang yung dito...

pero ngayon, dito ako sinipag na magblog... what's with me ba???

siguro, medyo nagsawa ako sa multiply???

me iniiwasang taong makabasa???

o sadyang tinatamad lang???

the answer is... I REALLY DON'T KNOW!!! ~.~

but, these past few days, medyo napapaisip ako kung ano na yung magiging bagong account ko sa multiply...

yup, i'll be changing my account. di naman idedelete yung una kong account.

i just thought of a new haven...

ang gulo na kasi nung primary account ko eh...

then, i went gaga again for it started with a kiss...

within 2 days lang tapos ko na yun. haha!!!

maybe, ayaw ko ding maalis yung recent blog ko about xiang qin ang zhi shu doon. kaya dito ako nagboblog. haha!

so much for that.

matutulog na ako. maaga pa ako mamaya eh. hehe.

goodnight world! ^^

ps... wala akong maisip na title eh. kaya ganyan. :))


sweet sweet talk 'bout love. :]

sooo much of a fan. <3 <3 <3

i even listed the sweetest confession i've heard. well, in english!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Xiang Qin: Hey, your turn. Say something.

Zhi Shu: I've nothing to say.

XQ: What do you mean nothing to say? Hey, don't you feel any anticipation?

ZS: Isn't marriange just like that... Two people loving 'till the end, loving so drastically. When they first meet, they are just like a kettle of cold water. You passionately try to heat it up, keep heating it, heat it 'til the water boils and then you'll ask: After that what should we do? All the way 'till marriage everything that should be done has been done. What should be hot has already been overheated. The original kettle full of water has dried up. Love is gone. Wait 'til the kettle is burst, either they break up or struggle on until the bottom of the kettle has a hole. Nothing is left. Love is gone. Kettle is gone. Water is also gone. Everything is gone.

XQ: So you're meaning is that you don't love me? Right? Should've said so earlier.

ZS: The exact opposite. I'll love you more and more. Our water will be kept constantly heated. I'll slowly wait 'til it boils and then keep it warm. Let it always be at boiling point.

XQ: Don't understand...

ZS: Meaning is... I'll keep loving you. Keep loving, keep loving. Keep loving 'til we're old and wrinkled. Is that good enough?

XQ: Yeah, that I understand.

...Original Unsubbed clip...

...Subbed clip...

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

haha! soooo suweeeet! ^___^

hope that i'll find my zhi shu. the zhi shu who will make our water warm. forever.

hang-over 'to sa it started with a kiss. next stop: they kiss again na! weeeee! ^____^


goodbye 2nd year. hello 3rd year. :]

here are my grades i received at the end of the term...

Weighted Average: 1.77

dang! di ako umabot sa cut-off grade sa half scholarship. tssss. kainis! >_____<

sayang kasi yung sa it. epal na database lecture. wala kasi akong naipasang quizzes. ni isa. suuuuper dali kasi magbigay eh. :|

buti na lang sa law mataas. di ko inexpect yung grade. pero kung nakapag-review ako ng maayos sa law finals baka nakaya kong gawing 1.5 yun. pero ok na yung 1.75. hehe. :D

sa accounting ako nagulantang! dashing 1.5... di ko inimagine na ni minsan makakakuha ako ng ganung grade sa accounting. to think di ganun katataas yung grades ko sa ibang quizzes. hehe.

darn english. hay. nailabas ko na sama ng loob ko dyan days ago pa. kaya tinatamad na akong mag-comment. buti na lang naka-2 pa ako.

gusto kong magpasalamat sa lahat ng prof ko this term, namely: ms. joy for act123, atty. aguas for law111, ms. samonte for it131-1 lab and lec, and ms. arguelles for eng12. wala kasi ang bagsak eh. salamat po! :D

and for the coming term, sa lunes na, this is my schedule...

7:30 AMIT132-1L
9:00 AMIT132-1L
10:30 AMIT132-1L
12:00 PM
1:30 PM
3:00 PMACT124
4:30 PMACT124
6:00 PMTAX001
7:30 PMTAX001

ganda ng schedule. dang!

monday: 12 hours sa school...

tuesday: 3 hours...

wednesday: 3 hours...

thursday: wala (buti naman)

friday: 13 1/2 hours...

saturday: wala...

ang tindi ng schedule! :O

wala. third year na talaga kami. more on regular na 8 hours ang classes namin sa isang araw. mga bigating subject pa.

sana kayanin ko. ay mali. kakayanin ko pala ito!

with God's help, i can do it. :)

goodbye sophies. hello thirdies! (me word ba na ganun?) hello juniors na nga lang. :)))))


Farewell to you, Michael.

"There's nothing that can't be done
if we raise our voice as one"

many have witnessed a great memorial service for the undisputed king of pop.

including myself.

i even managed to stay up until 4 am early this morning just to finish the service that the whole world is watching.

some might be soundly asleep. others might be in their own neverlands. but most of the awake ones were with MJ during his service.

i readied myself from the burst of emotions i'll be experiencing at the latter part of the program, being a crybaby i was. but i took it lightly at first. then sunddenly, i myself can't help from not crying to all the hit songs he had sung from the start of his career until his downfall in the mid '90s being sung by great artists of today.

just at the start of the service, i was really not feeling fine for i just realized that we indeed lost a great icon, not just an artist, but a human. a human who was able to crush down the walls of culture differences which no one was able to do aside from him.

i really don't know on what part of the service did i begin to sob, not just cry. i just felt that there are water flowing from my tired eyes. and it really did help with the realizations i have learned while watching his solemn service.

one of those realizations is that every individual is a MJ fan deep in their hearts. not that ultimate fans who can go gaga over their idol, but those that can appreciate his good music and right moves. i really am not a MJ fan as far as i know. but upon watching his service, i began to learn that somehow i was his fan. i tried to imitate his moonwalk, and tried to sing his songs.

second, he indeed had wrote many many songs, some of which i didin't know that they were his. honestly speaking, i really liked "I'll Be There" and "You Are Not Alone" when i was a little girl who loves music. i didn't know their titles, and the lyrics, but i know the songs in my heart. they were used to be played to me by my father and i kept on singing them without knowing the correct lyrics.

just like the other songs that i liked and loved when i was just little, i never got a chance to search for the name of the artist and the title unlike today. that's why when i heard that mariah carey sang "I'll Be there" (with a guy i really can't recognize who), i was in shocked to know that HE INDEED SANG THAT ONE, while being a member of the Jackson 5.

With "You Are Not Alone", i wasn't expecting that he too sang that. i know thatthe singer might be somehow has golden voice to sing like that. i even thought that it might be a girl. but i really didn't expect that it would be him.

with his other hits like "Bad" and "Billy Jean", i know that he sang them but i can't remember the tunes. when i saw ASAP '09 last sunday and they perfromed in that tunes, i jumped in my seat and asked everyone in the house with this statement: Yun ba yon? / Sa kanya ba yon?

before, i was not that struck with the news of his death. now, knowing how big he influenced me, i was speechless. we really indeed loast someone that great.

Berry Gordy, one of his close firends who gave eulogy awhile ago, said that "He is simply... the greatest entertainer ever lived". i agree with that, with all the things he had done for all the charity foundations he had helped, with all the artists he had inspired to hone their crafts, with all the chart-topping hits he had sung, he is trully the greatest.

i noted down some of citations to MJ and i really liked one from Berry Gordy again. "When he did that iconic moonwalk, it was magic!". truly, we were captivated by his magic of dance and music. and i'm sure that no matter what happened, that signature move of his will forever stay, as well as his classic hits.

of all the people who gave speeches to the late King of Pop, i can say that i was really touched from Brooke Shield's, Marlon Jackson's, and of course, Paris Jackson's. i laughed with the whole world with Magic Johnson's. i had many realizations with that of the two pastors (sorry, i forgot the names but theirs were also great).

of all the performances, i cried a lot with Jermain Jackson's Smile. i started crying mildly with Mariah Carey's I'll Be There. but no performances can beat We Are The World and Heal The World as the last songs of the night. i really burst out my emotions while singing with the choir.

MJ, wherever you are, if you're on your own Neverland out there, thank you for the moves and the grooves. Thank you for the beats and the hits. We are trully honored to have someone like you for the past 50 years, although i'm a '90s baby.

"I am here and I live forever."
Michael Joseph Jackson
1958 - 2009